Sunday, January 4, 2015


I may be biased but I had the absolute best bachelorette party of all time.
It was legen-wait for it..-DARY!
 (any HIMYM fans out there?)
Anywho. I was expecting a very low key weekend with my best girls at my bridesmaids beach house in Carolina Beach (a huge thanks to Grace & the Hutaff's for letting us use it!!!) but what I got was BEYOND.
We headed to the beach early Friday morning. The guest list was composed of my sister, Andrew's two sisters, two of our close cousins, three of my bridesmaids, and a couple more of my nearest and dearest friends. This would be the first time some of the girls would be meeting and I was a little nervous to say the least. I was scared some people may not get along or that some people would be bored and deem it the worst bachelorette party ever. Looking back, I feel so silly for even letting that bother me because it was anything but boring and all the girls got along just fine!
Friday afternoon when we pulled up to the house we decided to head to the beach and wait for all the others to get there. The forecast on Saturday basically read torrential downpour, so we wanted to get in our beach time while the sun was still shining. Once everyone was there we decided to play some fun games- most involving their knowledge of the bachelorette which was interesting to say the least. After that we stayed up to the wee hours of the evening playing Head's Up and laughing our butt's off.
Saturday morning we woke up way earlier than anyone should be waking up during a bachelorette weekend to head to Britt's Donuts for some breakfast. If you are from North Carolina or have ever been to Carolina Beach you know of Britt's. They are basically the most delicious melt in your mouth donuts of all time and you also probably know you must stand in line for sometimes hours to get your hands on one.
Saturday morning was spent in our pj's, eating donuts, and praying for the rain to stop. A little after noon, we got our wish and the sun came out so on went our bikinis, donut guts hanging out in all their glory, and off we went to the beach. We spent hours on the beach taking silly pictures and playing ladders- the ultimate beach game where you have to throw two balls tied together by a string on a set of ladders. It's so entertaining and slightly hilarious.
That night we got all dolled up for dinner at my favorite restaurant in downtown Wilmington, The George. But not before a giant party bus pulled up and we discovered we were about to have the ultimate form of transportation all night. #divas
After dinner we went to one of Wilmington's clubs- Level 5. It is called Level 5 because it is located on the fifth level of a building downtown and basically has no roof. It's pretty amazing because you can see the Cape Fear River and entire Wilmington skyline. Add 9837403 gallons of rain to the party and 10 girls who have completely given up on looking cute for the night, and then you have a party. Seriously, I am so glad it rained on my parade. It would not have been nearly as fun if it hadn't.
We woke up Sunday morning and headed home. The weekend was amazing and I was so glad I not only got to spend time with my favorite girls but they got to get to know each other better which made our wedding weekend and all the showers so much more fun.
A *HUGE* thank you to Grace and my sister, Lesa, for planning the party and for all the girls there for making it a seriously amazing weekend. I could not have asked for a better time.


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