Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bridal Showers 3 & 4

I’m tellin yall- getting married can really make a girl feel like a princess. Granted, there are definitely times when I act like one but it’s not every day that people actually humor the idea. I had FOUR showers yall- FOUR! I’ve already shared one of my bridal showers but today I want to share the two Andrew’s family threw for me.
Andrew’s mom, his sisters, and his aunts threw me a gorgeous shower at their church and it was seriously pinterest perfection. It went right along with our beach theme perfectly and I wanted to take all the décor home with me to put in our house (no matter how many times Andrew tells me coastal décor does not coordinate with where we live- I just love it!). Aside from the décor it was really nice to have all the ladies in Andrew’s family in one place and it gave us another opportunity for the ladies in my family to get to know them. Once again, it was like we were all one big happy family. I think that’s what is so great about bringing two southern families together- we can all talk to just about anyone and everyone is so sweet and laid back that it just clicks.
We received so many special and thoughtful gifts and we were honestly blown away by everyone’s generosity at both of our showers. More than anything, what will forever stick out in my mind from that shower were the kind words that were spoken. Andrew’s mom and a few of his aunts said some of the nicest things about our marriage and about Andrew and I as a couple that warmed my heart and made me feel really welcomed. It is so nice knowing that our families are supportive of our relationship and that we have that support system. Family means the absolute world to us so to hear those thoughtful words aloud was something I hope I can hold on to.   
Andrew’s family also hosted the most amazing lingerie shower for me. There are not many pictures from this event that can actually be posted but I did not want to go without saying that it was perfect. This was one of those times where I felt like all my friends and family could relax and joke with each other and I think those moments are important. That’s when you feel like you really get to know someone and it’s just plain fun. There was a mini fashion show, a few embarrassing games, and so many good laughs. I am so grateful for those moments during our engagement. 


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