Monday, December 1, 2014

Banner Elk or BUST

If you recall, last year around this time, me and 10 of my nearest and dearest traveled west to the mountains for my 25th birthday. We had SO much fun that weekend we all decided we would be crazy not to make it an annual tradition. Well, this year we planned it out, marked the dates on our calendar, andddd totally left the boys out! We decided that mountain trip 2014 should be GIRLS ONLY!
 Now before you start feeling all bad for the boys you have to understand that us girls live all over the damn place- a couple in Charlotte, a couple in Wilmington, some in Raleigh.. we never get to see each other! Considering for four years of our lives we all pretty much lived in the same apartment, we were in desperate need of some girl time! Plus, we were all having pretty stressful years with marriages, break ups, moves, graduate school, and career problems.. we needed each other. Anyways, now that I have made my case, can I just tell you that it was the best decision ever
It snowed, which was amazing, we went to a vineyard and tried all kind of Banner Elk vino, and we had plenty of time to catch up as we froze our booties off since not one of us could manage to make a fire *until Jackie had to get towed up the mountain and the sweet man that drove her up came in and made one in 2.5 minutes, making us all look ridiculous*.


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