Thursday, December 4, 2014

a letter to my sister

I think it's okay that I'm 26 years old and still call you sissy. Honestly, I think some of my friends even call you that. It might be because they aren't 100% sure how to pronounce your name (who is?) but to me, I call you that because that's who you are. You're my sissy and you always will be. While we are at it- I hope you don't mind 'Aunt Sissy' because I see that coming your way in the [distant] future.
Growing up, you took care of me most nights while mom was working long, hard hours to give us the very best in the world. While I quite literally tried to kill you with steak knives
from time to time you still made sure I had a nice Papa John’s  pizza delivered for dinner- bought with money from my piggy bank- that you busted with a hammer no less. You even let me sleep with you on nights that I was forced [by you] to watch super scary movies about insane clowns.
All joking aside, I write this because I don’t think I have ever told you how grateful I am that you were [are] always there for me when most kids your age were out with their friends.
Now, you have two beautiful girls of your own as well as two beautiful step daughters that you are a wonderful mother to. Those girls are so lucky to have a woman like you to raise them and to love them. I look up to you every day as you run your girls from volleyball, to dance, to school plays, to rehearsals and so on and so forth. Those girls never miss out on a thing and one day they will be as grateful for you and all the sacrifices you make as we are of our mama.
And your husband, Jay.. he's already like a brother to me. Our family is a lot to handle sometimes and he's not only handled us but he has fit right in. From all the fun trips to holden beach to always showing up to family events with a smile on his face, I am so grateful you found a man as sweet, as fun, and as family oriented as Jay. I couldn’t be more thrilled he's officially apart of our crazy crowd!
I ask you both to try to always remember that whether your deciding what to eat for dinner or deciding if one of the girls can get something tattooed.. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies but compromise that moves us along. I love you to the moon and back. Pinky Promise.
This was a speech that I edited a bit into a letter for my sisters wedding this past summer. Oh, did I not mention that my sister got married? Yep- we are 10 years apart and we got married in the same year! Nice try mom and dad but we still managed to stress you out! ;) I am so proud of my sister and her girls as well as Jay and his girls. They are wonderful parents and it's no easy feat- I can't imagine keeping four girls happy all the time!

Below are a couple of photos of my sister lingerie party that my mom and I threw her before her wedding. I really regret not taking more pictures but it's hard being the hostest with the mostest and play photographer!

And now, for a few wedding pics! Again, I wish I had more but just trust me when I say it was gorgeous, she was gorgeous, everything was just plain gorgeous.



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