Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Engagement Photos

If I remember correctly, it was about 30 degrees and the wind was blowing hard enough to make your eyes water.. but the show had to go on. Andrew and I really wanted to have our engagement photos taken at the beach, but this past winter was a harsh one so when it got slightly warmer, we decided to go for it.
[photos above taken by our iphones- day before professional photos]

[photos above taken by our iphones- day before professional photos]
Slightly warmer, it turns out, wasn't quite warm enough. We had been in Carolina Beach with our friends Grace and Clinton all weekend hoping for a little sunshine so we could take our pictures at Fort Fisher, NC.. it rained all weekend long until Sunday- there was a hint of sunshine but dang, it was freezing, and my outfits didn't really mix with the weather. Thankfully, we had some amazing photographers that worked with us and made us look like we weren't about to turn into an eskimo before their very eyes.
Ariana and Brian of Silver Feather Studios met with us before hand for lunch and made us feel calm and excited which is saying a lot considering we were about to take what we had been referring to as "the most awkward photos of our lives". They were hilarious and braved the cold with us, taking photos then allowing us to run and put our coats on for a quick second before repositioning us. While I had tears streaming down my face, chills all up my arms, and my hair was blowing into Andrew's mouth 2 seconds after I previously removed it- Ariana and Brian kept us laughing- and their pictures, and the video.. let's just say- they work magic.
All the photos below are courtesy of Silver Feather Studios:

To Watch Our Engagement Video Click Here
(and I highly recommend watching- Brian seriously blew us away with his work!)


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