Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bridal Shower #1

For over a decade, my mom has owned a hair salon right beside a cute little Greek deli. When I was a
teenager, I would work for her after school and during the summers answering the phones and making appointments. My absolute favorite part about working there (besides free shampoo samples!) was getting lunch from next door- they make some killer homemade chips with ranch! So, naturally, when it was time to plan my bridal shower, Dorian’s was the place to have it! The owners, Paul & Mary offered the space on a Saturday night and they, along with my cousin Kelly (also a bridesmaid!) and my three aunts got to work. They made the place look GOREOUS with candles and fresh flowers and the food was delicious.
This was my very first shower and I was so nervous. I have never liked the idea of opening gifts in front of people and while I am BEYOND appreciative for every single gift and the thought and effort behind it, it just makes me feel uncomfortable. ANYWAYS, it was so nice to have my first shower at a place I felt at home at with all the people that I love.
At one point during the shower, I looked around at my family bonding with Drew’s family and I took in all the stories and all the laughing that was taking place and I wanted to remember that moment
forever. Andrew and I have always said that we know we are special to have such a tight family but to see both of our really close families becoming close with one another made me feel blessed beyond words.


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