Friday, February 14, 2014

Our Venue!

The day after Thanksgiving my mom, sister, and I traveled to Wilmington, NC to not only finish up our Black Friday shopping, but to look at potential wedding venues. We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to go look at the one venue I had my heart set on. To be honest- saying venue(s) is a lie. We went there solely to look at one particular venue. We were all very excited but also beyond nervous. If this venue didn't work and wasn't actually 'the one' I was going to be disappointed. After all, my wedding had been planned around this place since before a proposal was even offered.
Well guess what, it wasn't the place. It didn't work. As soon as we walked in my mom looked at me just waiting for some sort of reaction. We all knew the very moment we entered that it just wasn't the one. It was too small, it had too many stairs (my papa has a cane and I very much want him involved in every part of the day) and honestly, it just wasn't my taste. I was blinded by how beautiful it was (and it was beautiful) it just wasn't my type of beautiful.

Picking a date and signing the contract! I had to call Andrew to see which date he liked best and he made the executive decision based off when hunting season is. HA!

Thankfully, God works in crazy mysterious ways and he just about BLEW us out of the water this day. The owner of the venue we were looking out sensed our disappointment (as much as I tried to hide it!) and said she had something she wanted us to take a peak at. WHAT? You mean hope isn't lost quite yet? I was thrilled.. and SO very hopeful. She led us directly across the street to what appeared to be an old abandoned building. In Wilmington this is not out of the ordinary as it is a very historical town- I for one think that just adds to the beauty.
The day we saw it! We had to use some imagination.

At Courtyards & Cobblestones- when I *knew* I made the perfect decision!

I took one look and fell in love. Of course, it wasn't finished- but I already knew. It was their brand new location and hadn't even been open to the public yet. In fact, it's grand opening was this week. It was open for a bridal event we attended in January as a debut and they decorated it beautifully to show brides it's potential. I was thrilled I had booked it months previously because I'm certain it got booked for the year that day- it looked amazing.
Bakery 105- in downtown Wilmington- an old bakery warehouse from the 1930's is about to house the wedding of my dreams :) eeepppp! I couldn't be more excited!
Hey it's us! At Courtyards & Cobblestones. Tasting more cake, naturally.



  1. You know this place is badass the moment you visit here. I went to a wedding here and I must say this venue is exceptional. The view on the rooftop is stunning from day to night.


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