Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I said "YES" to the dress!

On December 28th, with my best friend Jordan, my cousin Kelly, my sister, and my mama by my side..
 I said 'yes' to my dream dress!
Andrew's family owns a bridal salon in town, so naturally DarLynn's is where I went to find my dress. In all honestly, I probably would have ended up at DarLynn's anyways as it is where I found all my beautiful prom dresses even before I knew Andrew. Three of his aunts were there that day to help me find my dress and they really helped put my mind at ease while I was searching for the one. I was never one of those girls that tried on dresses for fun- I wanted the moment to be special- so to say I was a big bundle of nerves is the understatement of the century!

Drew's aunt Pam asked me to pull whatever dresses I liked and we would start from there. Without giving too much away, my mom always had a certain idea of how she wanting me to look on my wedding day and I always had a totally different idea- well, I found myself pulling dress after dress that fit her ideal dress to a tee! Who was I and what in the world was I doing?
Long story short- the dress I thought I wanted wasn't the dress at all.. and the dress that had everything 'I didn't want' was the one I picked- and it was the very first one I tried on! I literally picked my wedding dress -the most important dress I will ever wear- in under an hour!
But it's true, when you know- you know!
AND I'M OBSESSED. I literally cannot wait to put it back on.
 I also picked my bridesmaids dresses- thanks to Jordan & my sis for trying those on expectantly (Kelly would have but she was 8 months pregnant!). We decided on a beautiful flowing Bill Levkoff dress with one shoulder strap and a GORGEOUS back. It is elegant and yet casual for wedding by the water. I looove it!

I have 8 girls standing my by side and my sweet nieces are being junior bridesmaids (they have slightly different dresses but in the same colors). The girls will be wearing 3 different shades of blue. Some of the girls will be wearing the dress in Capri, some in Teal, and some in Glacier. I can't wait to see how pretty they look standing side by side!


  1. Oh I love the variety of colors - and the one shoulder dress is beautiful - and you're right, perfect for by the water! Congratulations on finding your dream dress- the one I chose was the first dress too!

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