Saturday, November 9, 2013

We're Engaged!

Andrew asked me to marry him and from what I hear the next year is going to be a blur so I wanted to write down every little bit I could so I could relive the moment whenever I would like and also remember every little detail!
UA Charity Auction 2013
After a charity auction on Saturday night, Andrew and I were driving home and decided we were going to wake up early the next morning and go to church then have lunch at his grannys. I was a little bummed because my family was going to the Panthers game but we apparently couldn't find tickets. Still, church and granny's cooking sounded good to me.
Obligatory 'We're Engaged!' text pic
We were exhausted by the time we got home so we went straight to bed. During the night, daylight savings time took place and we gained an hour of sleep- one of my most favorite nights of the year! Oddly enough, Andrew ended up waking up at the crack of dawn that morning. This was very unusual considering I am normally up way before him. I blamed it on daylight savings and his sleep pattern being messed up and continued sleeping.
Celebrating with my two favorite ladies
Around 8am he told me to wake-up because he had a surprise for me. He then told me he had bought us Panthers tickets days ago but wanted to surprise me, my mom, and my sister. I wasn't allowed to call them though because "they still didn't know we were coming". I was thrilled, hopped right out of bed and got in the shower. Moments after, I was getting ready and Andrew brought me a mimosa. I was more worried about how he hid champagne in the fridge without me knowing to expect anything! Typical.
After I was ready, and we were both dressed head to toe in Panthers gear, drinking our mimosas, Andrew handed me a card. Still, I was clueless. We get each other sweet cards all the time so I didn't think too much about it, except that it was really sweet. He filled the card with the sweetest heartfelt message.. ending it with "..starting today".
Seriously, I still didn't catch on. I think I had been thinking it was going to happen so many times that I just stopped getting my hopes up. That was, until, I put the card down and Andrew was on one knee behind it asking me to marry him with the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen.
Of course I said, yes! yes! yes! and then squealed even louder when he said my whole family was in on it and they were on the way. The one thing I always wanted in a proposal was that my sister and mom were close by afterwards and Andrew made sure he made that happen for me. They picked us up along with my step dad and my sister fiancé, and we all went and tailgated for the game. Then sat in the best seats and watched the Panthers take home another win. It. Was. Perfect.
Celebrating at home with my girls
After the game, some of our best friends met us at our place to congratulate us and go out to dinner and celebratory drinks. I really couldn't have ask for a better day. We are so fortunate to have such amazing family and friends in our lives and I can't wait to share this next year planning our future together!