Wednesday, February 20, 2013

VDay & A Special BDay

 My mama's birthday is February 13th. We try to make it a little extra special each year since it obviously stinks to have a birthday right near a holiday. All those holiday babies seem to get gypped year after year.. poor things. Thank goodness my parents decided to do the hanky-panky some time in January (too much info?) so I'm an October baby. Ain't nothin' getting in the way of my prezzies! 
My step dad got her the most delicious cake from a Mexican bakery in town. Hands down best birthday cake I have ever eaten and it was just as beautiful as it tasted! 

Last year we threw my mama a big surprise birthday party so I think she was okay with having a low-key celebration this year. I hope she was anyways!
I love you mama.. I hope you had the most amazing birthday.. you definitely deserve it!

For Valentines Day, Andrew and I also kept things low key. We didn't do huge gifts (we got tickets to the Avett Brothers in April so that was my big gift to him!) because we are trying to save up to move- more on that later! We stayed in, watched Crazy Stupid Love, and I cooked BBQ shrimp (our fav!). We also went to the 201 Central (my happy place) and got a specialty beer I loved in Europe but it's so hard to find here. It was very casual, and very us. I loved it.

Funny thing was- we picked out the exact same gift bag for each other anddd we both got black and white cards with little kids kissing on the front! This isn't the first time this has happened either- last Christmas we got each other the exact same card. #creepy

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day! Whether it was spent a super nice restaurant in a little black dress.. or on the couch in your pj's like us!

Monday, February 18, 2013

What the hayyy Jack Frost?!

In Charlotte we don't get much snow. In the wise words of Tay Swift- it doesn't snow.. like, ever. But this Saturday it did and it took all us southerners by complete surprise! My sister and I were trying to take my sweet mama out to Nakatos for her birthday and jack frost came and put a big fat wrench in our plans. My mom and I were about 5 minutes from the restaurant when my sister called and said, "Did y'all order a blizzard?!" We didn't believe it was that bad.. I mean after all, this is North Carolina.. but by the time we got to the restaurant it was so bad we couldn't even see two feet in front of us. We all ended up turning around and going home. 

On the way home we took the interstate, thinking more traffic=better roads. We were so WRONG. We passed around 10 wrecks in a 10 mile period and almost had one ourselves. We weren't expecting this snow so our roads weren't salted or anything. And add insult to injury.. we southern folk just can't drive in the snow. In our defense, we only get to practice maaaybe once a year.

Needless to say, we were SO happy to be home.

I cannot wait until SPRING!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day Swap!

Everyone have a Valentines hangover today? Andrew had to work last night so hopefully we will get some down time this weekend to eat some yummy food and love on each other! 

A few weeks ago I decided to join Erin at Love, Fun, & Football for her Valentines Day Swap! Ashley @ Local Postcards received my name and boy, did she spoil me rotten! I really appreciated how she took the time to get to know me via my blog and put lot's of care into selecting each of my little goodies. They were all so darling and it made my heart smile all Valentines week long to know someone  who didn't even know me put forth so much care and kindness.

Can you tell I absolutely love the mug! I love it!
Ashley gifted me the mug with some delicious coffee because I obviously cannot live without my daily cup o' joe! I also received stationary and cupcake erasers for my love of handwritten notes, purple socks and gloves (my fav color!) some unique chocolate I can't wait to try, a very heartfelt note.
Mind. Blown. She spoiled me rotten.
Thank you so much Ashley! I appreciate every little detail so much!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things..

>>Puppys with monkeys..
>>Champagne with friends
>> Pomegranate froyo with cherries and yogurt chips
>> Kitty naps
>> Love
>> The Bible being the prettiest book on my shelf
>> Pink bathrooms with darling kittens
>> Boyfriends snugglin' with pups
>> Sock monkey photo shoots with kittys

I am officially a crazy.
This post went from having the potential to be totally cute to totally creepy in about 2.5 seconds!
To be completely honest I just have soo many random pictures of my dog and cat that I never post so whoops- PHOTO DUMP.

Monday, February 11, 2013

What I did this weekend

>> Drew and I went to Nakatos for a date night this weekend. I ended up having a mini anxiety attack (they come from time to time- typically at the worst possible times..) so I wasn't able to eat much. Thank goodness Japanese left overs aren't half bad! 
>> A little American Eagle and Aerie shopping- they are having some HUGE sales right now. I snagged 2 bras and 7 pairs of undies for just over $50!
>> We saw my friends band play ('Of Good Nature') they are pretty awesome and just so happened to be playing at some whole in the wall we stumbled upon nearly 30 minutes from home. So ironically awesome.
>> More unhealthy lunch food. I added the salad for balance but then douched it in so much ranch I couldn't even tell there was lettuce under there.

>> Saturday was spent at my best friends (Alli who is visiting from ATL) and her families new puppy. Nothing is cuter than a puppy butt. Nothing.
>> Mimosas with Alli
>> Best grocery store in the world- you can drink wine while you shop!
>> and the men always volunteer to shop so they can meet at the bar and watch basketball all while their wives think they are being sweethearts and getting the grocery shopping done. I would put money on the fact that at least one of them have their kid locked in the car right now.
>> Oh, you know. Just really excited about these mimosas

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters

TG-freakin-I-F everyone!
I had Monday off and it still felt like it took forever for this day to finally crawl out of it's hole and grace us with it's presence! I would love to wrap my arms around this day and give it a giant kiss, right on the lips. It's been one hell of a week y'all and I am glad to see it go. I'm not one to wish time away but buh-byeee work week and hello weekend!

Today I am linking up for Friday Letters:

Dear New Followers, I am so happy to see you hanging out under that followers tab! Please, grab a glass of vino and stay a while. If I see you peace out after you win the goodies I'ma hunt you down and do the opposite of what I wanted to do to Friday. Jayyy-kay y'all. Really though, I am so happy to see you! Click that 'About Me' tab way up there and learn a little something about yours truly- and please, leave a comment so I can check out your little slice of the interweb and get to know you as well!

Dear Creamy Pasta, You some how keep sneaking up on me and getting in the way of my diet. Not cool, you know how much I love you. I just can't say no. But, I am going to be cursing the day butter mixed with cheese the second I put on my bikini if you don't back off. I hate that I love you. 
[dinner last night- that I made.. for myself.. I have no one to blame.]

Dear Chocolate Chip Cookies, You are just as much to blame as the pasta you sneaky little bastards. Why do you have to taste so good?

Dear Jef, I really like this idea. But the awkwardness of it all scares me away. I feel as though you should be scared for your life. Whoever enters and doesn't think this is awkward is probably insane. Insane as in they think this is The Bachelorette part II and they are the only contestant. Yikes. Kudos for the charity but this shit be cray, yo.

Dear Katy Perry, While I appreciate how upbeat and fun your music is, I don't appreciate it how it makes me look after a shower. You see, I like to jump around while drying my hair after a shower (the one and only way I burn calories, ever) and afterwards, I look worse than when I went in the shower.
Exhibit A:

Dear Andrew, Last but definitely not least, doll. I am so excited you have today off. I haven't seen you in 4 whole days and I'm going to kiss your face off when you take me out on a romantic date tonight! Oh, you mean you didn't know that was the plan? Well, it is. So pick me up at 7.. this better be good (like Disney vacation good!) and they better serve wine. :)

If you haven't yet- Enter the Valentines giveaway that I am hosting with some great girls! We are giving away a Michael Kors watch! Tell yo frands, girl!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Michael Kors Watch Giveaway!!!

Love Valentines Day? Hate Valentines Day? I happen to loooove love- so I'm a fan!
But whether you love it or hate it- you're about to LOVE this giveaway!

Oh Michael Kors, Michael Kors.
I simply cannot get enough of you! But whyyyy do you have to be so damn expensive? If only they were given away! Wouldn't that be a fabulous day?
Well today must be a fabulous day! In honor of Valentines Day I am giving one lucky lady her choice of one of the Michael Kors watches above!
Whoop! Whoop! Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

I've teamed up with KaitlynShanna & all the other ladies below to bring you this amazing giveaway.

1// Kaitlyn 2// Shanna 3// Emily 4// Stephanie 5// Robin 6// Kalyn
7// Samantha 8// Lisette 9// Kristyn 10// Jami 11// Courtney 12// Ashley
13// Erin 14// Hallie 15// Jessica 16// Kim 17// Michele 18// Rebekah

Good luck to you all!

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter below!
This contest is open to US Residents only.
The giveaway will run from February 7 - February 13, 11:59pm EST.
Winner will be announced on Valentine's Day.

***All entries WILL be verified to make sure the winner has completed what she said she did (:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spinach Ravioli with Male Genitalia for Dessert

Sometimes before I start these posts, I think to myself, "Self, what could you possibly write that will intrigue these bishes to read your jibber jabber?" Welp, I male genitalia always intrigues me, and by the looks of all the ladies at the salon reading Cosmo, I guess it intrigues you all as well. Hence, today's title. Although, hang tight- there is an actual point to it. I'm not 100% out of my mind and do have a teeeeny bit of class left in this act.

First up- Spinach Ravioli
[boyfriend tested, and boyfriend approved]
ohhh, and SO easy- lucky you.

*Spinach Ravioli (this can be put in frozen, whoop! whoop!)
*One jar spaghetti sauce (I used Barilla mushroom & garlic)
* Mozzarella cheese (use fat free or 2% if you'd like!)
*Italian Seasoning
*Garlic Pepper (or just use regular pepper if it's on hand)

As you can see I added no numbers to those ingredients. I don't like numbers, there for, I don't like measuring. After a little wine I dance around the kitchen singing "a pinch of this!" & "a dash of that" "pibbity, boppity, boo". No but really, don't dirty up the measuring cups, it's really too easy. Use the entire pack of ravioli, the entire jar of sauce, as much cheese as you think you might like, and literally salt & pepper to your liking- you can always add more after you taste it!

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees for 30 minutes- those are the only numbers you need!

Grease your dish how you prefer- I used olive oil but vegetable, pam- whatever.
Put down a thin layer of sauce, some herbs, and some cheese. 

Put a layer of ravioli's down then cover with the same sauce, cheese, herbs, salt/pepper mixture. 

Continue this process until you run out of ingredients. Lastly, put a final layer of cheese down. More is better in my world, but you know- not all of you live in Chubby Country like me. So add cheese to your liking.

Bake that bishhh for 30 minutes. Don't, I repeat, DON'T cover with tin foil. It will stick to the cheese and you will have to add more and bake until melted. Take it from me.

Then eat that sucker so fast that you forget to take a picture of it's ooey gooey cheesy goodness and listen to your man praise your awesome cooking skills while secretly smiling to yourself about how darn easy it was. What they don't know won't hurt them. Trust me, it's better that way.

After dinner, suggest that you make chocolate chip cookies for dessert. because obviously 20lbs of cheesy goodness isn't enough for two. Watch in amazement as you so sweetly make yours into hearts and he so kindly returns the favors by mimicking his most favorite body part.

Happy cooking my friends!
Link up with your favorite recipes! :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday 2013

Ahhh, Super Bowl Sunday..we meet again.
Super Bowl Sunday is one of my most favorite days of the year. Although I think we all need to get together and sign a petition to have the next Monday off work, can I get an amen?? I am a big fan of SBS for many reasons.. one of the most obvious is the delicious food. Andrew and I went to my friend Danielles and had all kind of yumminess. Jambalaya, hot wings, stuffed peppers, pigs in the blanket, cake, cookies, and chips and dips galore. I wish I would have got some pictures but I was too busy stuffing my face. Sorry I'm not sorry.

I apologize in advance for these pictures. Some are iphone, some stolen off facebook, some have been instagrammed.. I wasn't on my blogging game this weekened.. I was way too busy catching up with old friends. But I had so much fun and loved every minute. It's okay to take a break every once and a while.

SBS morning started off just the way I like it- with a man in the kitchen. Andrew got up and went to the grocery store to get stuff to make for breakfast and mimosas. A man after my own heart, I tell ya.

After enjoying the delicious breakfast.. which I am totally craving again right now thanks to that picture.. we watched a couple episodes of the walking dead. We are trying to catch up before the season starts back up on Sunday. We only have about 4 episodes to go. Seriously, best show on tv. I'm hooked. There were plenty of cuddles to go around :) 

Pink clouds are cool. So is 'being late' yet still not getting in the car until I take 8-10 picks of the same pink cloud even though the pictures aren't doing it a bit of justice. Being with a blogger takes mad patience.. props to all the men out there that put up with us.

Finally we made it to our destination! Shots to be had by all!

I was so excited to see these girls! There is so much going on in everyone's lives these days it's hard to all be at the same place at the same time but I got to see them not once, but twice this weekend! 
Happyyy happy happyyy!

Let's all talk about how awesome the half time show was. Best one I have seen in a while. Beyonce is a big ol bitch for making all us common folk look bad. She was rocking that little scrap of leather! And  Destinys Child reunion, say whaaatt? I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen and afterwards I had to clean up the big puddle of drool at Andrew's feet. 

I saw the funniest thing on Facebook during the game.. well I saw a lot of funny things. I never knew I had such clever friends until there was a black out at the super bowl. 

"The superbowl blacked out before I did this year."

"Why is the power still off? We know New Orleans has plenty of generators"

"I just turned my lights off to feel like I was at the game"

Andddd now.. commercial talk. Except there's not much to say about those..
Let's face it- there weren't many to pick from. I used to look forward to the commercials but now I use them as an excuse to load up on more food. Where has all the creativity gone? So freakin lame.
My two favorites:


Apparently the Doritos commercial was fan made so that's pretty cool. 

That's all folks. I'm still in a super bowl coma. My dip craving is still going strong.


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