Thursday, December 5, 2013

How I Asked My Girls

Let's be honest here- I have been stalking pinterest for years planning on how I [one day] wanted to ask my favorite girls to be a part of my big day. After Andrew popped the question none of those ideas seemed to work for me. They were either too expensive- I have 8 girls for goodness sakes!- or they just didn't seem to fit each of mine and the girls relationship. So, I put on my creativity cap and began planning something different. 

I knew I wanted to get them a little something so they would be excited- I mean who doesn't like gifts? But I didn't know how to incorporate it into a bridesmaid proposal. Then *lightbulb* I got a ring with my proposal; why shouldn't they?! But what kind of ring? I then started reading through ways to ask the girls. I loved a lot of them but when I saw something mentioning 'the knot' I knew what I wanted- a knot ring! I wanted it dainty enough that it would fit all the girls styles and I wanted it to use different metals because  half my friends love gold and some haven't quite welcomed the trend. Off to Etsy I went- and that is where I found a ring tied with two different metals in a knot. Perfect!

I found some really cute cards that said "Every Day Do Something That Makes Your Heart Sing" and decided to use those to ask the girls. I then printed out something I could paste inside the card while leaving plenty of room to tie the ring to the inside with fishing line.

They were all pretty much the same inside but still varied a tiny bit.
They all have the girls names with 'I'm tying the knot!' under it.
My sisters then said 'Help a sista out! Be my matron of honor? I promise not to make you wear yellow.'
Drews sisters said 'Help a [future] sista out! Be my bridesmaid?'
and my best friends said 'I can't say I do without you.. be my bridesmaid?'

They were a hit! & clearly the girls loved them [they all said yes!] which made my heart happy happy happy!