Wednesday, February 20, 2013

VDay & A Special BDay

 My mama's birthday is February 13th. We try to make it a little extra special each year since it obviously stinks to have a birthday right near a holiday. All those holiday babies seem to get gypped year after year.. poor things. Thank goodness my parents decided to do the hanky-panky some time in January (too much info?) so I'm an October baby. Ain't nothin' getting in the way of my prezzies! 
My step dad got her the most delicious cake from a Mexican bakery in town. Hands down best birthday cake I have ever eaten and it was just as beautiful as it tasted! 

Last year we threw my mama a big surprise birthday party so I think she was okay with having a low-key celebration this year. I hope she was anyways!
I love you mama.. I hope you had the most amazing birthday.. you definitely deserve it!

For Valentines Day, Andrew and I also kept things low key. We didn't do huge gifts (we got tickets to the Avett Brothers in April so that was my big gift to him!) because we are trying to save up to move- more on that later! We stayed in, watched Crazy Stupid Love, and I cooked BBQ shrimp (our fav!). We also went to the 201 Central (my happy place) and got a specialty beer I loved in Europe but it's so hard to find here. It was very casual, and very us. I loved it.

Funny thing was- we picked out the exact same gift bag for each other anddd we both got black and white cards with little kids kissing on the front! This isn't the first time this has happened either- last Christmas we got each other the exact same card. #creepy

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day! Whether it was spent a super nice restaurant in a little black dress.. or on the couch in your pj's like us!


  1. Low-key Vdays are the best kind :) Hope your mamma had a fun birthday. Feb babies are the best :)

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