Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Wednesday- Nosey and Awkward Men

Linking up today for Random Wednesday with Shanna because quite frankly I have nothing going on in my life and have no idea where this post is about to go soo random seems fitting enough. 
Good enough for you? Good enough for me.

Anyone else hate when people peer over your shoulder while you are trying to write? I feel like they are judging my every word saying to themselves, "what a stupid use of that word." or "HA! That chick thinks she's fun-naaayyy.." all while rolling their eyes and making me second guess what started out as a light hearted blog post. Andrew does this a lot. He will be watching tv until I start writing then there pops his head right on my shoulder watching me type out every.single.little.letter.
Well, he claims that's not the case and that he's not paying attention but I still feel judged.
While we are on the subject, let me just apologize for any spelling errors as my font is currently a size 2.5 because I still think he's blog stalking me.

He claims he's into this movie we are watching- which totally sucks. I picked out a nice lil rom-com starring Jennifer Aniston- can't go wrong, right?

Well, we are currently watching Lars and the Real Girl. Are you effing kidding me? I agreed simply because it stars Ryan Gosling, but errrmuhgawd.. he is socially awkward and in love with a life size rubber doll.. that, strangely enough, he has yet to have sex with the thing. It's painfully uncomfortable for me to watch, and that's coming from someone who loves a good awkward situation.

Feel left out? Let me help you. Cringing is not only allowed, but recommended.
Meet Bionca!

So anyways, I would highly suggest you pick any movie other than this from your NetFlix selection. That is, of course, unless you have some extremely weird fetish for rubber dolls.. then go for it- although the awkwardness may still ruin it for you.

Moving on..
We are having an insane storm right now.

We are currently under a tornado watch. Those things are not playin' around today. Hope everyone is staying safe! At times like these I totally wish I had a basement.. a really nice one, with a really stocked bar.

Uhhh ohhh.. gotta run girls, Lars is totally about to cheat on his doll with some nerdy blonde!

Well thank goodness I didn't decide to link up with Wordless Wednesday as I originally planned. This post is lengthy as all get out and yet.. 
I've said nothing.


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  2. wow, I thought ryan gosseling could do no wrong...but a rubber doll. really?

    cute blog! found you through the linkup.


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