Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Random is as random does..

This is a great big ol' photo dump of some random shiz that happened around the break that I deemed iphone photo worthy.. yet- it was never blogged, tweeted, instagrammed.. nothing, nadda. So, not one to waste a perfectly good photo, here they are in all their random glory.
Large photo: outfit of the day at work (sweater from American Eagle, scarf made by my sweet Nana)
Small photos:
Top Left- Wine slushies with mama (watermelon margarita flavored!) Top Right- New Kate Spade ring from my BFF Grace
Bottom Left- Andrew and I had gas station hot dogs for New Years Eve dinner (hopefully this isn't what the rest of the years going to look like. Although- I absolutely love those disgusting gas station hot dogs!) Bottom Right- Boots trying to snatch some of my chowdaa (of course I let him simply so I could snatch a pic. #bloggerprobz.)
Top Right/Top Left/ Bottom Right/ Bottom Left: My BFF Alli and I while she was visiting from Atlanta over Christmas break. This was during an intense game of Cranium (in which we were miserably losing). Long hair. Dont care.
Top Left- A random outfit over break. (Blazer is Lauren Conrad, Shirt is Old Navy, Boots are Steve Madden.) Top Right- My new years resolution (time with God) I started #SheReadsTruth and I am absolutely loving it. I try to do it on my lunch break every day. Bottom Left- I miss pretty wrapped gifts! Another year until Christmas? Say it ain't so Santa! Say it ain't so! Bottom Right- Lots and lots of bird cages at Hobby Lobby (which I totally support btw!) I absolutely loooove that place. So many cute and unique things! Andrew is in BIG trouble when we move in together!
So here's how I have been spending my time.
Bored yet? Me too. Things are about to get crazzyyy up in this bishh though.
Bridal showers, weddings, and trips out of state galore!


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