Thursday, January 3, 2013

Orbeez, Monster High, & Hello Kitty PJs

These are just a few of the 'hot' toy items this year. You can also add to the list- Justin Bieber anything, Furbys (theeey're back!), and anything from Justice.
Please tell me you had to google at least two of those? I felt so old when I had no idea what Orbeez were. Google is fab when Christmas shopping for young ones. Google and the top 10 toys of 2012 list. God help me when I have kiddos of my own.
We let my neices open presents from us before Christmas because their was just too much going on around the holidays to actually do it on Christmas day. Life is craycray when your adorable and in demand.. trust me, I've been dealing with it my whole life.
jokes on jokes people.

Pictured on the left: Blaine gets Monster High dolls, Middle: Abby shows off new PJs, Right: Kylie opens her PJs (Hello Kitty, obviously) and Abby goes "Whaaaaat! You got Hello Kitty pajamas???!!!! But IIIIIIIIIII wanted Hello Kitty pajamas!" hahaha look at that face..
Watching them open gifts made me so excited to one day see my kids sitting there opening presents from Nanny and PawPaw. But at the end of the day, it was quite lovely to pack up their gifts and send them on their way while I took a nice long nap.


  1. I have no idea what Orbeez are or Monster High is. But Furbies, goodness me if I never have to see one of those aain I'll be perfectly okay with it. Freaky little things!

  2. I have no idea what any of those things are. My husbands young cousins got Furbies for Christmas this year, they were VERY excited about it. Sounds like you're a great Aunt!


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