Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Wednesday- Nosey and Awkward Men

Linking up today for Random Wednesday with Shanna because quite frankly I have nothing going on in my life and have no idea where this post is about to go soo random seems fitting enough. 
Good enough for you? Good enough for me.

Anyone else hate when people peer over your shoulder while you are trying to write? I feel like they are judging my every word saying to themselves, "what a stupid use of that word." or "HA! That chick thinks she's fun-naaayyy.." all while rolling their eyes and making me second guess what started out as a light hearted blog post. Andrew does this a lot. He will be watching tv until I start writing then there pops his head right on my shoulder watching me type out every.single.little.letter.
Well, he claims that's not the case and that he's not paying attention but I still feel judged.
While we are on the subject, let me just apologize for any spelling errors as my font is currently a size 2.5 because I still think he's blog stalking me.

He claims he's into this movie we are watching- which totally sucks. I picked out a nice lil rom-com starring Jennifer Aniston- can't go wrong, right?

Well, we are currently watching Lars and the Real Girl. Are you effing kidding me? I agreed simply because it stars Ryan Gosling, but errrmuhgawd.. he is socially awkward and in love with a life size rubber doll.. that, strangely enough, he has yet to have sex with the thing. It's painfully uncomfortable for me to watch, and that's coming from someone who loves a good awkward situation.

Feel left out? Let me help you. Cringing is not only allowed, but recommended.
Meet Bionca!

So anyways, I would highly suggest you pick any movie other than this from your NetFlix selection. That is, of course, unless you have some extremely weird fetish for rubber dolls.. then go for it- although the awkwardness may still ruin it for you.

Moving on..
We are having an insane storm right now.

We are currently under a tornado watch. Those things are not playin' around today. Hope everyone is staying safe! At times like these I totally wish I had a basement.. a really nice one, with a really stocked bar.

Uhhh ohhh.. gotta run girls, Lars is totally about to cheat on his doll with some nerdy blonde!

Well thank goodness I didn't decide to link up with Wordless Wednesday as I originally planned. This post is lengthy as all get out and yet.. 
I've said nothing.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Welcome to Atlanta

[where tha playas play.. 
... and we ride on them thangs like errr day..]

Not like that's been in my head since we left for the ATL Thursday night or anything.
So, this weekend, I totally partied like it was my birthday. Except, it wasn't. It was my BFF Allis! And man did we celebrate. Yall, I haven't drank like that since college. I'm talking one day I didn't wake up until 4pm. My body was cussing me out. 

But it's cool because I have never laughed so hard in my life. The whole weekend was one big laugh fit. I loved Alli's roomies. She lives with her boyfriend and a couple other guys (a few I've met and a few I haven't) but we all clicked so well and had the most amazing time. The six pack I got definitely cancelled out the six pack I drank so it's all good.

      on the way to hot-lanta // all packed and ready to head out  //  random outfit of the day

Alli's sweet puppy Lola. Alli was my college roomie and Lola stayed with us for around a year so we we're reunited [and it felt so goooood....] I got puppy snuggles all weekend long!
We may or may not (definitely, may.) tried on some old wedding dresses from wayyy before our time. This house belongs to Alli's boyfriends grandmother so it's full of quite the antiques. My wedding dress had rips all in so sorry, no pictures there. Let's just say somebody had a little bit-o-fun on their honeymoon. 
Mimosa time with the birthday girl.. at approximately 7pm at night. We had our days and nights so mixed up so this was completely normal. By the way- Cupcake Prosecco makes theeee best mimosas ever.
Three hours later we were drinking coors light out of champagne glasses with "Turtles Don't Do Drugs" Ninja Turtle t's on.. tooootally normal. 
and so there's that.. 
The boys had a photo shoot.. these are only 4 of the 400 they took.. 
and so there's that...
 We took a lot of really gross grainy iphone pics.. 
and so there's that...
If you don't get the "and so there's that.." reference: RUN, don't walk, to your nearest television set and watch "Girls" on HBO right now! I was introduced this weekend and I am seriously obsessed. Most hilarious show ever.

Moving on..

The one day we actually made it out of the house to the city (which is like 10 min from their house- BALLIN!) We went to The Sun Dial, which is located inside the Westin hotel. It's one of (if not the) highest point in Atlanta. It's really neat because there is a restaurant inside that spins as you eat so you can get an entire 360 degree view of the entire city. The elevator going up is also glass so you can see everything but I wouldn't recommend it if you have a queasy stomach. 
I thought I'd sum it up with the very first picture we took on our trip: a big ol slumber party with my two best friends andddd the very last picture we took on the trip: driving home on Sunday and miraculously enough wearing my Sunday socks on the right day. Five year old in thaaa hizzouse!
A big thank you to John for driving and putting up with me and my antics for hours on end, Alli & all the boys for hosting us and being so damn wonderful, and most of all Alli for being born, insisting her birthday last the entirety of the weekend, and being the bestest friend I could ever ask for. 

Cheers to already planning the next trip!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heat up the Pot! I'm ready to eat!

The time has come again folks.. it's the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas.. or Cinco De Mayo (this girl loves margs and chips, so sue me.).. it's CHARLOTTE RESTAURANT WEEK! Which is actually two weeks and it comes twice a year I do believe. Details, schmetails.
Last year we went to Brazz Carvery, which was delicious but it's mainly meat (duh, carvery) and I'm not the biggest fan of most meat. So, this year we decided to go to The Melting Pot. Pots of cheese and chocolate for me and an array of meat for Andrew to keep as bloody as he likes, WIN-WIN! 

A little back story on restaurant week- 2 people, 3 to 4 courses, $30 a piece.
Over 100 restaurants participate and it's a good way to eat like a queen (also known as queen's feast here in Charlotte) for a night and save a very very small amount of money while in reality you're still spending more than you normally would. It's a weird concept, we all fall for it. 

We went with our good friends Logan and Mauricio (a little double date action if you will) but we took the picture of them on her phone so I can't snatch it up and post it all over the interwebs! I think my friends are catching on to me. 

One of the coolest parts of the night was that one of my best friends through elementary, middle, and high school was our server! He went to a different college when we graduated so I really haven't seen much of him since our glory days (those are now over, right?). 
Hi, Ted! He's probably one of the funniest people I have ever met in my entire life and sooo musically talented it's unreal.. and best part, he's single ladies- HOLLAAAA!

I never know how to sum one of these random posts up so..
Love, Peace, and Squirrel Grease!
oh, oh, oh.. and tomorrow's Wednesday- we have [almost] officially made it half way through the week! Yippeeeee!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Day!

It neverrr snows where I live (which just so happens to be the most wonderful place ever- a little town right outside Charlotte, NC) but Thursday night.. IT DID! Maybe, just maybe, if I counted correctly, there were approximately 32 whole snow flakes! Well when you get snow as rarely as we do, those 32 snow flakes are totally film-worthy. Sooo out I went at 11pm in my sophie shorts & uggs, camera in hand and snapped away. Only in the south. 

I know all your northern folks are laughing your butts off at me right now. That's probably not even considered snow south of the mason dixon line butttt ya know what? It. Was. Awesome.
Even if we did have to go to work the next morning, and it was all melted by lunch.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Showered With Love

Linking up today with my Weekend Update!

This past weekend my mama and I threw a wedding shower for my beautiful cousin, Kelly. I got to see a lot of girls I rarely get to see and also was able to meet a few new friends! Everything worked out perfectly and considering the shower ended up lasting over 4 hours, I think it's safe to say that everyone had a great time!
              Left: Kelly (bride to be!) and I               Right: My niece, Abby. She helped me decorate!
I ordered these fun MadLibs for a shower game. I normally hate shower games but this one was very unique and so funny! You fill in verbs, adjectives, etc. while writing advice to the couple. Some of them were really raunchy and some of them were very serious. I chose a select few to read aloud at the end and Kelly had to try and guess who the advice was from.
(Pictured below)
She got so many wonderful gifts. She got very lucky in the friend & family department. Everyone was so sweet and thoughtful! Her house definitely got hooked up! I only took pictures of about half the stuff because I was really thinking 'what in the world is she going to do with all these candid shots?' haha I am so excited for their wedding!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Social

Linking up with Neely & Ashley for Sunday Social again this week!

Sunday Social

1. Top 3 favorite kinds of food
-Garlicy Pasta
(even better when you combine the two- pasta+shrimp=a culinary match made in heaven!)
hellllloooo deliciousness.

2. First 3 things you do in the morning
-I press snooze. Three times. Sometimes four if I forget about one in which case I realize I am going to be later than normal and totally freak out.. 10 minutes to get ready.
-Pee. I get up and run straight to the potty. Even if I don't have to pee.. it's totally unnatural to not use the facilities for 8 hours. Just sayin.
- Brush my chomps. I can only have morning breath for approximately 5 minutes prior to waking up or I have a full fledged anxiety attack. Drama queeeen in the house.

3. Last 3 things you do at night
-Brush my teeth obviously
-Wash my face with a wipe. In bed. I'm so lazy it's embarassing.
-I scroll through instagram until I finally decide that my eyeballs may fall out if I don't close them.

4. 3 TV shows you NEVER miss
Oh sheeesh.. this is going to get embarassing.
- Vampire Diaries
- Pretty Little Liars
- The Walking Dead
[all of those involve death, the super natural, and gore. woops.]

5. 3 places you want to visit
- New Zealand
- Australia

6. 3 people you can always count on
Does God count as one? Numba 1 in my heart.
- My Mama (and the rest of my family obviously.. but mama's the first I call!)
- Andrew
- My best friends Alli + Grace

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Friday Friends :)

I am linking up today for Friendly Friday!
I hope to meet some wonderful new friends so please leave a comment so I can come say hi as well :)

Moving right along.. 
I am hosting a bridal shower for my cousin this weekend and have spent the week DIYing away!
I am so excited for it to be here! Maybe, possibly, because I am a huge fan of shower food. Everything is better when it's miniature. And dips? Don't even get me started. I would dip everything in dip if I could. Veggie dip.. chocolate dip.. so many dips.
Cut me some slack I'm hungryyy.

Here's a little sneak peak! I will post the real deal next week!
After the shower, Andrew and I are going to The Melting Pot with friends to be wined and dined for Charlotte Restaurant Week. To say I'm excited would be the understatement of the year. I haven't been there since my 16th birthday and it's only the cooooolest place ever. Again.. give me some cheese and chocolate dip and I'm your best friend for life.. even if I have to cook my own dinner over a scorching hot boiling pot!

I hope 5o'clock rolls around quickly for all of you and the weekend if full of wine, cupcakes, and socially awkward situations (am I the only one that enjoys those?).

& So She Does Pays it Forward

I've joined the 2013 Creative Pay It Forward!
The details: The first 5 people to comment with their email and blog address, will receive from me, sometime in this calendar year, a gift - perhaps a book, a baked good, jewelry, music - a surprise in the mail!  There will likely be no warning, and it will happen when the mood strikes me.
The catch: Those five people must make the same offer on their Blog.