Thursday, December 5, 2013

How I Asked My Girls

Let's be honest here- I have been stalking pinterest for years planning on how I [one day] wanted to ask my favorite girls to be a part of my big day. After Andrew popped the question none of those ideas seemed to work for me. They were either too expensive- I have 8 girls for goodness sakes!- or they just didn't seem to fit each of mine and the girls relationship. So, I put on my creativity cap and began planning something different. 

I knew I wanted to get them a little something so they would be excited- I mean who doesn't like gifts? But I didn't know how to incorporate it into a bridesmaid proposal. Then *lightbulb* I got a ring with my proposal; why shouldn't they?! But what kind of ring? I then started reading through ways to ask the girls. I loved a lot of them but when I saw something mentioning 'the knot' I knew what I wanted- a knot ring! I wanted it dainty enough that it would fit all the girls styles and I wanted it to use different metals because  half my friends love gold and some haven't quite welcomed the trend. Off to Etsy I went- and that is where I found a ring tied with two different metals in a knot. Perfect!

I found some really cute cards that said "Every Day Do Something That Makes Your Heart Sing" and decided to use those to ask the girls. I then printed out something I could paste inside the card while leaving plenty of room to tie the ring to the inside with fishing line.

They were all pretty much the same inside but still varied a tiny bit.
They all have the girls names with 'I'm tying the knot!' under it.
My sisters then said 'Help a sista out! Be my matron of honor? I promise not to make you wear yellow.'
Drews sisters said 'Help a [future] sista out! Be my bridesmaid?'
and my best friends said 'I can't say I do without you.. be my bridesmaid?'

They were a hit! & clearly the girls loved them [they all said yes!] which made my heart happy happy happy!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

We're Engaged!

Andrew asked me to marry him and from what I hear the next year is going to be a blur so I wanted to write down every little bit I could so I could relive the moment whenever I would like and also remember every little detail!
UA Charity Auction 2013
After a charity auction on Saturday night, Andrew and I were driving home and decided we were going to wake up early the next morning and go to church then have lunch at his grannys. I was a little bummed because my family was going to the Panthers game but we apparently couldn't find tickets. Still, church and granny's cooking sounded good to me.
Obligatory 'We're Engaged!' text pic
We were exhausted by the time we got home so we went straight to bed. During the night, daylight savings time took place and we gained an hour of sleep- one of my most favorite nights of the year! Oddly enough, Andrew ended up waking up at the crack of dawn that morning. This was very unusual considering I am normally up way before him. I blamed it on daylight savings and his sleep pattern being messed up and continued sleeping.
Celebrating with my two favorite ladies
Around 8am he told me to wake-up because he had a surprise for me. He then told me he had bought us Panthers tickets days ago but wanted to surprise me, my mom, and my sister. I wasn't allowed to call them though because "they still didn't know we were coming". I was thrilled, hopped right out of bed and got in the shower. Moments after, I was getting ready and Andrew brought me a mimosa. I was more worried about how he hid champagne in the fridge without me knowing to expect anything! Typical.
After I was ready, and we were both dressed head to toe in Panthers gear, drinking our mimosas, Andrew handed me a card. Still, I was clueless. We get each other sweet cards all the time so I didn't think too much about it, except that it was really sweet. He filled the card with the sweetest heartfelt message.. ending it with "..starting today".
Seriously, I still didn't catch on. I think I had been thinking it was going to happen so many times that I just stopped getting my hopes up. That was, until, I put the card down and Andrew was on one knee behind it asking me to marry him with the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen.
Of course I said, yes! yes! yes! and then squealed even louder when he said my whole family was in on it and they were on the way. The one thing I always wanted in a proposal was that my sister and mom were close by afterwards and Andrew made sure he made that happen for me. They picked us up along with my step dad and my sister fiancé, and we all went and tailgated for the game. Then sat in the best seats and watched the Panthers take home another win. It. Was. Perfect.
Celebrating at home with my girls
After the game, some of our best friends met us at our place to congratulate us and go out to dinner and celebratory drinks. I really couldn't have ask for a better day. We are so fortunate to have such amazing family and friends in our lives and I can't wait to share this next year planning our future together!


Monday, October 21, 2013


Turning 25 is a little scary. It also doesn't help that people make snide comments such as, "You're half way to 50 now!" and "You're closer to 30 than 20!" THANK YOU for the constant reminder. I've never wanted to grow up. I didn't ever care about being able to drive or moving out of the house or being able to buy lottery tickets and cigarettes, because all that meant in my head was that I was another year older. This year, the big 25 was among me and all I wanted to do was spend a weekend away with all my friends from high school and college- I wanted to act like I was 21 again because in my head, once I hit 25 I was at the point of no return. I'm such a drama queen.
So, the weekend before my 25th birthday, me and 10 of my nearest and dearest rented a house in the Cherokee mountains and spent a couple of days acting like kids again. We played games, went to the casino, and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning catching up. It was perfect! We are hoping to make a yearly tradition of it now.
Side Note: This was the weekend Andrew told all of our friends he had bought me a ring! To this day, I still have absolutely no idea how all of them kept me completely in the dark ALL. FREAKIN.WEEKEND!

Monday, May 20, 2013

As long as I'm living, my mama you'll be!

Mothers Day this year was spent at my Nana & Papa's house, just like it is every year. We were blessed with some beautiful weather that paired well with the delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, and pulled pork grilled by my Uncle Todd. Most of my family was there but there were many that were missed.

Mothers Day is probably one of my favorite holidays because I love getting to spoil my mama. Long story short, my mother is one of the most amazing people I know and she's shown that time and time again while raising my sister and I. Us three girls have been through some ups and some downs, much like any other family, but we have always been there for each other, and my mom has always stuck by us- no matter what. My mom raised us well, at least I'd like to think so, against all other odds thrown at her. She was a single mom, working long hours, yet still maintained our household, made sure we always had the newest style on our backs, and took the time to chaperon numerous spring break trips when all other parents would have never fathomed it. All because she cared, that much. I cannot even put into words how proud I am of her for being such an amazing woman for my sister and I to look up to all throughout our lives. I questioned her rules, her decisions, and her actions, many, many, times while growing up but now I aspire to one day have that much patience, faith, and love for my kids. She's my rock, my best friend, and best of all- my mama. 

Some pictures from my grandparents: 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

as we go on, come whatever..

Last weekend Andrew's sister, Ashley, and her fiance, Nolan, graduated from Campbell University. They are getting married this summer then Ashley is off to law school and Nolan is working on his doctorate. I couldn't be happier for these two and I know they both have some extremely proud parents. It was a fun packed weekend and I am so grateful I was able to  be a part of such a special moment in their lives and capture it with pictures!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Charleston, S.C.

Part II of Kelly's bachelorette party took place in Charleston. It was so much to eat delicious crab legs and crab cakes.. and whatever else that involved crab that I could get my hands on. We also shopped until we dropped and was able to find Kelly a gorgeous rehearsal dinner dress in the process. My little amateur photographer eye was so snap happy walking along the cobblestone and seeing all the bright beautiful houses. I will spare you all 100+ that I took and only share some of my favorites.