Friday, March 16, 2012

Bangin' on a trash can...

Tuesday night, I went to a friends to watch a 'jam sesh'- I sound quite dumb trying to be 'down wit da lingo'. Anyway, all joking aside, I have some very talented friends. I have mentioned Dave here on my blog before. He has an amazing bluegrass band, there is a link on that post you should definitely listen to if you haven't yet. This Tuesday was just a couple of friends though playing music in a garage, grilling out, and enjoying the warm spring weather. It was much needed and I plan on seeing many more nights like this in the near future. Don't you just love the first signs of spring? You basically have to drag me indoors. Although- with the first signs of spring comes the first signs of mosquitoes- which were definitely out this night! ERG!

My sweet pea isn't musically inclined like the other men,
but that's okay :) he looks pretty cute watching too!

Alli and I got bored between sets

The whole time we were watching them I had that "Doug" (from Nickelodeon- duh) song in my head"

"Bangin on a trash can- drummin on the street lights..
playin on the banjo.. one little voice is callin' me, callin' me.."


True Life: I'm a 90's Kid
ya know what I'm sayin'?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Sweet Kylie Can Kick Butt!

My little niece Kylie has been doing Karate for a while now. She is moving up belts at rocket speed. My mom and I went to watch her practice on Monday night and I was so impressed! They are learning things that I would love to learn. It made me want to take a self defense class or something. Seriously- I am concerned I will one day get beat up by an 8 year old unexpectedly. These kids have talent. They did this one trick where they took their partners arm a certain way and drop them to the ground. I wanted to get up and learn it as well! I think Karate is a wonderful thing for children (and women!) to learn. Everyone should know how to protect themselves properly. As for me, I am going to take my little bodyguard with me where ever I go from now on :)


She has been making A/B honor roll, doing excellent in karate, making new friends, and is the most polite and clever little girl I know. I am so very proud of her and just love her to pieces.

Monday, March 12, 2012

All in favor of a longer weekend say I

This weekend felt SO short.. as does every other weekend.. but hey, we lost an hour so it actually was SHORT! My weekend consisted of mexican food, chinese food, a hole in the wall bar *the best kind!*, celebratory pedicures with my best friend (Alli kicked butt on the GMAT!) and fun times with friends. 

[Disclaimer: Contrary to what these pictures may hint at, I am in fact not a complete drunk.]

I will have to post a picture of my freshly painted toes soon! They look like a smurf threw up on them and I am absolutely loving it!
Hurry up Spring!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I can't believe it's Monday again!
Here's to this week flyinggg by!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekend Recap

Ahh.. yes, it is Thursday and here I am just now uploading pictures for my weekend recap. 

This past weekend was one of my really close friends birthdays. We have known each other since middle school- which was way back when he was on the football team and I was a cheerleader. In middle school we took football reeeal serious- which meant lots of practices, games, and events with the players.. the squad, team, and all our parents became pretty tight- including my friend Ben and I. After middle school, my friend Alli and I tried our darndest to keep him out of trouble, which he then gave us the title "mom" and "aunt". The rest is history- I love the kid and we will be friends fo-evaaa.

So Saturday was the Carolina/Duke game.
Praise little baby Jesus.

This really happened. Feast your eyes on the awesomeness that is UNC.
Bens girlfriend also planned him a party that night. A surprise party. You see- Ben is a bouncer at a small bar we frequent- Finz. She called his boss and told him to 'put' Ben on the schedule Saturday so he would think he had to work. Seeing as though Ben is a HUGE Carolina fan and it was his birthday- he was less than thrilled. That is.. until he showed up and we were all there with bells and whistles (by bells and whistles I really mean beers and wings) to surprise the kid! Even his family was there to wish him a happy birthday. Well Ben walks outside (sidenote: we pretty much live at this bar) and when we yelled surprise he was like 
"ooh my gah -yadda, yadda, yadda- yall are awesome" 
"It just sucks I have to work tonight"

Reallllllyyy BEN? You think we would 'surprise' you by hanging out at your work while you WORKED?
"SURPRISE!! We are going to make you watch us party while you work!"
yeah right, crazy boy- 
"You don't have to work!!"

That was the big surprise to him. He was thrilled and we were all hysterical.


I know- We are disgusting. Get over it :)



I am so glad we were able to surprise Ben and that he had a wonderful birthday.
He deserves it!

Happy [belated] 23rd Birthday, Ben!

Guess What I Bought?

Because of a recent purchase (and let's be real- past ones as well) I can't decide if sites like Groupon and Livingsocial are my best friends or my worst enemies. Normally I get on there and spend $10-$20 dollars every now and again on restaurants or small items.. aside from that one time I bought sky diving vouchers (which we've yet to use) but that's neither here nor there- I thought I had my spending pretty under control. That is, until Monday afternoon. There was a little dead spot in the work day so I decided to hop on over to Groupon to check out their daily deals. Well they just haaaad to post their spring break deals that day. I am out of school- no spring break for me- so I thought it would be totally safe to browse.

I have struggled with having dark and fairly thick hair since as long as I can remember. I think I started shaving in elementary school. Is that normal? I seriously don't know.. but it seems young. Even after I shave, a black shadow looking thing remains in some areas. It's awful. In high school/ beginning of college this embarassed the ever living crap out of me. I thought I was over the embarassment and had excepted this imperfection but BAM, out of no where- Groupon offered me a solution (hopefully). So I had to take it up on it's offer.

[P.S. Groupon just sent me an email with daily offers AS I TYPE THIS and I refuse to check it.]
I will not spend anymore money. I will not spend anymore money. I will not spend anymore...

Back to my story:
So I bought this baby-

It's a laser hair removal device for at home use. How awesome is that? I mean, only if it works of course. I read about 65729 reviews before I finally clicked the purchase button and most said they saw at least an 80% hair reduction. I am sold on that. I would probably be sold on a 50% reduction.

I mean it was HALF OFF yall.. stop judging me.

If it works, my summers just got a WHOLE heck of a lot easier and my getting ready routine just basically got chopping in half. Plus, I did the math- considering this little wonder was half off, it will pay for itself after one year. Think about it- no more Venus razors (those things are EXPENSIVE!), no more shaving cream, no more waxing, no more embarassment when you make an impromptu trip to the pool and realize you didn't shave your legs or *gasp* your bikini line or pits!

Apparently you do this thing every 2 weeks at first and then every 4 after that. If you follow directions you should see at least a 50% hair reduction in 3 months and an 80% hair reduction, if not 100%, in a year.
Sounds good to me!

When I recieve the Silk'n Epsil in the mail, I plan on doing biweekly posts to let yall know how it's working.

Oh, andddd the groupon deal came with one replacement cartridge (a $45 value).
yes i am still justifying my purchase

Has anyone tried one of these before?
PLEASE tell me it worked!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Whatever the Weather

There have already been so many tornados that have touched down and that number is only going to grow throughout the evening. Everyone please take proper percautions and be as safe as possible!
The South is getting SLAMMED by these mean suckers!
Right now, my part of town is under tornado watches. I am stuck at work until 5pm and have an hour long commute in HEAVY traffic- talk about scary.. not being able to get anywhere! I am freaking out to say the least. I do not like driving (ALONE) in bad weather. I start to panic and get butterflies and cuss at the air.


Good ol' Weddington is right around Charlotte and my work is right on the red line. Hopefully they will miss us, but weather is nuts and totally unpredictable- so all we can do is pray!
Pray for those being effected this evening! You all will be in my thoughts and prayers- I hope to hear that you are all safe and sound!

I will be all about some Twitter tonight- let me know about your area!

My type & is he 'the one'

I've had a couple emails/comments (especially after I shared our love story) asking me if I thought Andrew was 'the one'. Well, I decided I would address that today.

First, let me start off by explaining that I have a type. You know, a basic description of a guy you must have in order to fall in love or something of that nature, yadda, yadda, yadda.. whatever. In high school, my type changed on a bi-weekly basis. I would be into bad boys for a while, then next thing you know I decided that the star of the football team with the range rover was more my type, fast forward to a couple weeks later and I was totally diggin' the kid in biology who knew the periodic table of the elements by heart (and not only because he let me copy off his paper).  Even in college, I went from liking the big frat star boy that threw the best parties to going on a search for a college drop out that surfed 24-7.

Bottom line- I never really knew what I wanted. I could have seen myself married and with children with all these guys at one particular time or another.
Was I fickled? Yes. Was I completely lost in love? Yes. Did I care? Not one bit.

You see, in high school I got majorly effed over. Majorly. I allowed myself to be walked all over and cheated on constantly. I had no self esteem and just wanted him to one day wake up and finally care for me. I could write an entire post (or twelve) on this alone, but I'm not. I am finally at a place in my life where I am happy it happened. While it still haunts me from time to time, I learned from it and moved on. The point is- he crushed me.. and once I moved on from him, I set out to crush every guy I could. I dated like a boy, not in a sexual way, but I left them waiting, ignored them when they needed attention, made them fall for me then dumped them the very next day. I refused to let me heart get broken again. I wanted every guy (even the really really good ones- which I didn't believe existed at the time) to hurt as much as whats-his-face hurt me.

My type was man, in general. My philosophy was- I see, I like, He falls, I crush him.
and it worked.


I met Andrew.

It wasn't love at first sight. I wish I could say it was. Andrew was just getting divorced (yes, he has been married- this post is just FULL of surprises!) and I was still trying to convince everyone that would listen that love didn't exist. Andrew and I were friends, and neither of us had an interest in each other. To this day if you ask Andrew is he always knew he wanted to be with me he will say, "well I always knew I wanted to make out with you." Pshhh.. boys. But- one day, after about a month of just hanging out in groups- it happened. I don't know when or why it happened.. but it did. One day I was drinking a beer with him and all our friends while playing cards  and laughing at all of them trying to tell me I was a bitch for not believing in per the usual and the next morning I woke up and was like "I love that guy." Apparently, the same thing happened to him because next thing I knew, we were an item and I was the happiest I had ever been.

Back to my type-
Andrew is a country boy- hunting, guns, construction worker, southern twang, the whole 9 yards.
He absolutely loooves his family.
He drives an old red pick up truck.
He never wants to move out of Union County.
He is a Christian.

I had never, in my life, been with someone like this. But low and behold- I have finally accepted my type. I always had in the back of my head that I wanted to move to another city, far away, but I could never in a million years leave my family. I have tried to wear tight dresses and sky high heels but I'd much rather be in blue jeans and boots. I love riding in that old truck during the summer with the windows down. I love my God and couldn't be with anyone who didn't.

Moral of this story (if you're all still with me):

When ya know, ya know.

Now- don't go putting words in my mouth. Is he 'THE ONE'? I can't answer that. I don't know if there are going to be 'wedding bells' in our future.
I can answer this though- I do have a type and I now know what it is. And I do believe in love.
Andrew got me over my dating- funk (so to speak) and whether he is the one or not- I will be forever grateful.

Not all men are the same ladies- don't ever give up hope. When you're at your lowest, hating every man, yelling to the roof tops that love doesn't exist.. God will lead you in the right direction.