Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Zombies! Vampires! & Skeletons in Lingerie!

My night started out innocent enough.. a little discussion over dinner about which was better- Twilight Saga or Lord of the Rings? Obviously my vote went to the vamps.
After dinner, there were two episodes of The Walking Dead watched. Zombies eating faces is the best thing to watch with a full tummy.
Lastly, we turned The Walking Dead off just in time to tune into a cat walk full of skeletons dressed in lingerie- known more commonly as the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.
yes- i'm ridiculously jealous and will be eating nothing by leaves tomorrow. I will also be utilizing the furthest parking spot from the building.
But let's talk 'fashion'.
More so the performers than the models.
There's not much to say except
What were they thinking?!
First up- The Bebs
First of all sweetie, you are entirely too pasty pale to be wearing such a bright shiny white jumpsuit thingy. Especially one with plastic spikes and bubble rolls for lack of better terms. And.. why are your pants sooo tight in the legs and yet you totally look like you shat yourself? This really can't be comfortable. And wait, just wait a second.. are you wearing solar panelled gloves? Is that how you dance so well? Are you real life?
Anyone else completely confused? So terrible.

Next up- Rihannaaa-ana-ana-ayyy

This first outfit was okaaay, I guess.. for a lingerie show. But WHAT IS ON YOUR EYES? That's really all I have to say about that.
The next one.. you are wearing light pink see through thing with a sports bra and a jacket around your waste. Who is your stylist? Fire them.

Did yall notice that when they showed the 'Calendar Girls' that there was no November? Well I did. I was like what the hey vicky how could you forget November? Thennn I was like ohh the girls probably all skip the biggest eating holiday in the world so obviously they would easily forget November. But no, I am happy to announce they did not actually forget precious November.

Aaaapparently, they got deemed 'racists' by the Indians for this get-up (aka Miss. November).
Now, I don't know all the details nor do I want to start any he-said, she-said mess on this here bloggity blog but what I got from the news was that someone got upset about this outfit for certain reasons I have chosen not to store in my mind any longer than the 10 seconds I watched it on TV and so after some yelling and probable tomahawk throwing- Victorias Secret decided to take that portion out of the show.
Poor November got the shaft.
just. like. that.

But the gals looked great. The gyms will be packed tomorrow. McDonalds will suffer.
And then Thursday all will be well in the world again.
I swear, if I was a bettin woman, I would totally put money on the fact that the day after the Victorias Secret Fashion Show, more people are on diets then New Years Day.
Hands. Down.



  1. I totally noticed the missing month too! I thought that was really strange. And I too was not amused by Biebs or Rihanna. Not sure what the hell VS was thinking there.

  2. I swear I really must be the only girl in the world who had no interest in the VS show!


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