Tuesday, December 11, 2012

my not so productive [but fun] day off

I decided to take Monday off (last Monday, not yesterday...although I had this Monday off too. anyways..). I had an obgyn appointment and even though it took 10 minutes- I figured after that I deserved to take the whole day off. Plus, I needed to get my oil changed (which they didn't have time to do) and get my head light replaced (which they did- but they replaced the wrong one so I'm still down a head light). That was about the extent of myself being productive. Which seems more counterproductive than anything.
You think they get industrial sized lube at Costco?  I'd hate to be the one in charge of that one.

So after I let my doctor round 3rd base, it was time to put my clothes back on.. which must have shrunk while I was on the table because then this happened:
It was actually worse than it looked.. but I had dark panties on (thank god it wasn't laundry day and I had undies on).
So off to the mall to get larger jeans I went! My friend John met me there because he had to pick out Christmas gifts and obviously wanted my expertise shopping opinion.

After the mall we decided to venture to the grocery store. Our grocery store just so happens to have a bar.. a bar in which you can purchase drinks from then tote them in hand as you shop. Forget how dangerous it is to shop when you're hungry- try shopping with a buzz. You want everything.
Smart people they got working at Harris Teeter.


After our little shopping voyage, we decided to take a drive to Carolina Panthers player Steve Smith's house. He actually lives in my little town. And don't worry- this isn't as stalkerish as it may sound. John's dad is the equipment manager for the Panthers so John knows him. No need to put out any warrants.

After we stalked checked out what was happenin at the Smith's..we decided to go to the park. Random, I know, but when you want to swing, you want to swing. And swing, we did.
While we admired the gorgeous sunset that evening.

Then I went home and watched Gossip Girl & 90210.
Best day evaaaaaa


  1. Love days like that! I like taking the occasional 'sanity-saving' day.

  2. Hahaha! I love it. And I love the fact that your grocery store allows you to drink and shop. That is totally brilliant. And don't worry, I would stalk Steve Smith too. I really hope the Panthers pick up Marcus Lattimore!

  3. Who lives in that beautiful house?



  4. Your poor pants! Hope you got lots of fun new ones at Nordstroms!

    Your newest follower,



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