Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lately via Iphone

Todays post is thoughtlessly being brought to you from Panera. I am a weeee bit hungover due to happy 'hour' turning into happy 'six hours' last night. I mean really, who can limit happiness to only an hour, especially when there's adult beverages involved. Except, today, I am very very unhappy. Maybe that's why they call it happy hour- if you limit yourself to an hour then you will not suffer the unhappy consequences. Ahh.. a revelation.

Well I'm not that smart.. so happy 'six hours' it was. Which is why I am in yoga pants and a tshirt with soaking wet hair (which in turn is causing me to look like I am lactating all over myself) in Panera eating my tried and true hang over meal- brocolli chedder soup with 5 glasses of sweet tea. Miracle worker, that one.
I swear, I entered the bar at 5pm sharp, with all intentions of only having one glass of wine then driving home to wait for Andrew to get off work so we could rent a movie. Well then I got bored. Real bored. It's hard to drink water and try to be charming and funny when people are taking baby guiness shots and turning into 'woooohoooers' all around you. So, drink I did. Then I called Andrew to come get me. If it weren't for him leaving his car there and driving mine home, I would probably still be in the bed right now. I have some serious hate-love issues with alcohol.
A couple cloudy Iphone shots from happy 'six' hours last night.

Anyways, I am starting to feel better. And I am also starting to feel like I have a slight issue since I have typed an entire post about drinking habits. I really didn't have that much- but when you only drink once a week (if even) then hangovers are hellish.
Back to Panera- a family just sat right in front of the plug I was planning on connecting my laptop to. How rude. What if my computer dies- which it will in about 5 minutes- then I will just have to sit here and stare at a blank screen like a total loser. Not to mention, this family consists of 20-something people having like a family reunion. As if my head wasn't already pounding.
So inconsiderate. Saturdays at Panera are for studying students and people with hangovers. Everyone knows that.
I just received the best news in my gmail inbox!
This baby will be in my mailbox on Monday!
I really wanted one of these for Christmas, but it's way to pricey to ask for sooo while window browsing on Amazon on my lunch break Wednesday I accidently pressed the purchase key. Seriously- it was an accident. It said the tax would be added afterwards so I figured I'd add it to my bag and see how much the tax would be. Well stupid me has my credit card info saved on Amazon (which gets me in so much trouble!) So anyways, when I clicked purchase, I actually did purchase it. Whoooops! But, the price was right ($150 off!) and I had been wanting it, so it's on its way!
I'm pretty excited about it. I actually had a dream about using last night. I was trying to take a picture of a starfish and everytime I went to capture it, it would hide. Pesky starfish. I'm rambling.
Andrew's birthday is this weekend.. I have some really neat stuff planned so look for that next week. I can't wait! I really wish my camera was going to be here before that but hey you win some you lose some.


  1. Way to go on just treating yourself to that camera! Just think of all the moments you'll capture. I'm very excited for you!


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