Friday, December 21, 2012

How I really wrapped it up.

Remember this post about how beautifully I was planning on wrapping my presents this year? Remember also how I said it probably wouldn't happen because I like to talk about being creative but rarely follow through.. well this time I actually really tried!
I went to Target with the best intentions of getting brown craft paper- but they didn't have any so I got red. It was a slight bump in the road but I carried on with my genious wrapping plan..
I then mosied over to the ribbon.. they had beautiful gold polka dot ribbon. It was perfect. I couldn't wait to go home and wrap to my hearts content. The only downside was the ribbon was $4 each. No big deal. I got one and decided I'd get some red ribbon (cheaper) to wrap up the other ones.
I get home.. and that polka dot ribbon I loved so much was only long enough to wrap one damn present. ONE present. $4 DOLLARS. ONE present.
I was pissed.
But then I sucked it up and mismatched all my gifts as per the usual.
I saw. I pinned. I tried.. and failed.
Oh, and then boots played with the extra .5 inches of ribbon.


  1. At least you can say you tried ;)

  2. The presents are still pretty! Mismatched ribbon is better than no ribbon!

  3. $4 bucks!?!
    I would've threatened to take it back, but then I would've sucked it up (like you did) and used it anyway.

    Your gifts look beautiful, nonetheless!
    Merry Christmas!


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