Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hey, Let Me Tell Ya Bout My Best Friend!

Here's the deal. You've heard me bitch and moan numerous times about how I ain't got no frands. Well, I do have friends.. but there's just two of em.. and they both live miles and miles away.
Soo, you can imagine my distraught when I got the text from Sooz (aka grace, my bff yo) that she was sick as a dog and may not be able to see me over the beloved holiday.
Holidays are special. Special because of the holiday itself, obviously, but also special because those are the very few times of the year I get so freakin excited because for one little weekend I can actually spend time with my two girlfriends!
A few days where I don't have to be the only girl in the group. A few days where 'going to get coffee' actually is an activity and is followed up with a target shopping spree without a word needing to be said. A few days where I can finally watch a chick flick and not feel silly.
My point is. I need to cheer Sooz up so she can feel better and come see me!
I need wine. And a girls night. And yummy junk food.
I need fun with my best frand. Giggle time, I like to call it.
It makes me want to cry to look at deez pics. We have so much fun. Weve been so many places.. and now we are so far away.
But this is a cheer up post. A get well soon post.
So get well Sooz.
Look how much fun we have. Let's do that again. In 2 days.
Drink a bottle of nyquil, put on 5 layers of clothes, a heating blanket if you're feelin crazy.. break that fever while you're PTFO (passed the ef out, duh) and deeeeennnn.. you will feel all better.

If anyone has any other flu cures throw them this way. I am more than open to suggestions.
I need my girl time, you must understand.
Love you monkey :)


  1. Awww hope she feels better. Love all of your pics. Girlfriends are really the best!


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