Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Andrew's Bday Recap

Top of the mornin' to ya party people. Things are looking a bit different around these parts today.
Monday night I had zero plans after work (except the Gossip Girl finale- obvi. #teamchuckblaire) so I decided to take that time to completely change up my blog layout.
Andddd.. I kind of love it.
I'm not professional. I google as I go and have many, many trial and errors. But for not having a bit of experience, I'm pretty proud. All you negative nancys back off- don't rain on my parade.
I also made a new button if you want to snatch it up and put it on your blog- we can swap if you'd like!

Anywaysss...back to your regularly scheduled program-
 Andrew's birthday was low key and fun.. just as I had hoped. We woke up and went to an amazing church service then went to his grannys for lunch and cake with his family.
Afterwards, we checked in this amazing place:
(which by the way was pretty cool except for the fact that it's 'green'. AKA it took me an hour longer to dry my hair, you had to use your room key to turn on the lights- AKA when drew went downstairs I could either a)shower in the dark or b)let him back in dripping water. But hey- whatevs.)
We then watched our Panthers bring it in for a WIN against the Falcons. This was a surprise and a win we were most definitely proud of.
Which led to- celebratory shots with him and his friends at a local restaurant we ate dinner at.
Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and played some pool.

That next morning, we woke up and spent the morning watching The Price is Right.

We then went and watched "Flight" here:
and then went to a delicious dinner, here:

It was a great day with my most favorite person :)
Sorry I'm not sorry for the lack of pictures. Andrew hates that I feel the need to take pictures of everything so I tried to not get the camera out on his day. It was nice to enjoy the whole day without thinking 'this would make great blogging material!'


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