Thursday, November 15, 2012

Treehouse Vineyards

My heart was so full on Saturday!
I spent all day with 5 of my most favorite people in the whole wide world!
My best friend Grace came in town from Raleigh, Danielle and Joe came down from Concord, and John joined Andrew and I from.. right down the street. But you get the point- I got to see all those lame tards that have moved away from me!
We spent the day at a local vineyard drinking copious amounts sampling wine and chasing frolicking horses through a maze of grape vines.

They had these wine-ritas that were deeee-lish. I swear, 7-Eleven needs to start putting these in their slushie machines. They even sold kits where you can make them at home and they freeze right there in your freezer. Yep, I'll be making some trips back this summer to stock up. Seriously, obsessed. They had 8 different wines for us to sample and then of course we had little wine-rita to try. I personally am a fan of red wines (melot to be specific) but I found myself loving their whites too!



We had the privilege of learning all about how they make the wine at Treehouse vineyards- strategically enough, they do this portion before the tasting. Very smart Treehouse, very smart. I actually found myself fasinated by the mini lesson in making wine. Did you know that a longer shelf life usually doesn't mean the wine is any better? What matters is how the weather was at that particular vineyard on the year it was bottled. The dryer the vineyard- the happier the wine!
There! Learned ya somethin' today!


After we left the vineyard, we were cold and starving! Danielle's family is from New Orleans and her dad is the King of Cajun. We went back to her house and her dad made us the most amazing meal I think I have ever had. Like seriously, I have been having dreams about this meal ever since. He made bbq shrimp and shrimp po boys. Watching us eat was embarassing- all I'm saying that if someone lifted up the pan to lick it I wouldn't have batted an eyelash- that's how amazing this food was. I also have to give credit where credit is due- Grace made those stuffed mushrooms. She makes them every year for my familys Thanksgiving and Christmas and I completely devour them, so I was estactic to get them on a random weekend! Like I said, best weekend ever.

After we ate we sat around the fire pit and just talked and laughed for hours. It was so nice. This was one of those weekends where you look around and you can't help but feel so incredibly blessed. Blessed for the people in your life, blessed for the weather and the place you call home, and blessed for the food you are able to put on your table.
It's one of those times you can't help but sigh and say, "I just love my life."


  1. Aww seriously sounds like the best time!! There's nothing better then friends. Oh, and wine too haha!


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