Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Scarves on Scarfs on Scarves

Is it scarves or scarfs?
According to my google search it's scarves. So we'll just go with that. Why is the English language so weird? No wonder half the country is converting to spanish.
Anyyyyways, my grandma is a master scarf maker. Well she's a master blanket, tablecloth, sweater, Christmas ornanment maker.. but for this post at least, scarves are going to reign supreme. Her scarf making abilities are insane. She's tried to teach me but God left me lackin' in the patience department so I'll just stick to purchasing mine, thank you. Except for those that are gifted by her, which naturally, a lot of them are. Grandma's just really like to give you things. With that said, I'd love to challenge any of you to a 'who has the bombdest scarf collection competition.' Bombdest? Yeah, that's like greatest but way more awesome. I haven't trade marked it yet- so it's free game.
Saturday, I woke up bright and early to help my grandparents at a chuch craft show. Let me just tell you, people love crafts. That place was BUSY. I wasn't really much help. When asked even the simplest questions ("are these knitted or crocheted?") I looked at them doe eyed not having a clue of the difference between the two. But hey, I got to spend time with my Nana and Papa and really that's all that matters. They won't be around forever so, go, go spend time with yours.

The craft show we were in was Christmas themed and let me tell you- they must not have been able to afford a snow machine and wanted to try to make their own because that place was FREEZIN! I kept 'modeling' the merchandise and as time went on, the more merchandise I had on increased.. but the time the end rolled around I looked like the ambominable snowman. Best part? Nana said I could keep everything I was wearing CHA-CHING! I just love that woman.
P.S. my grandpa doesn't really smile like that- he thinks he's funny.. and he is. Where do you think I get my wonderful sense of humor from? Ba-hahaa


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