Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Objects in picture are larger than they appear..

Two of my really good friends just moved into a new house and invited us over to watch football. Being a fan of them, new houses, and football- of course I was game. Well I didn't have a clue what I got myself into- they have like a 100 foot projector screen. It feels like you are on the field with the players- seriously, amazeballs. So we locked ourselves in their movie room with lots of snacks and watched football allllll day Sunday. Since this is typically how I prefer to spend all my Sundays, I was in heaven.
But then I became a bit delirious. Blame it on a couple ice cold millers or the food coma I had slowly been putting myself in all day but I decided to project the game on my ass. This picture doesn't do it justice. It was so clear and entertaining. I then laughed until I about peed myself and then took my seat back on the couch for more food and beverages.
 Also- I feel like I must add a disclaimer that objects in camera are larger than they appear. I hope to all things holy my butt is infact not this large.

and thennnnn.. somebody decided to take a wittle nap while I iphone creeped on them.
Sunday Success.


  1. Ha ha. Objects are larger than they appear. Love it. Big buns for the win ;)


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