Monday, November 19, 2012

Judge away..

If you don't want to follow me anymore after reading this post, I totally understand. After all, blogging requires having some what of a life and this is proof that I, in fact, do not have one of those.
Most exciting thing that's happened at my job thus far (which will be a year Dec. 9!)? Getting a new coffee machine! This machine is so bad ass that Starbucks and I may break up forever- holiday cups and all. Did I just hear you all gasp? Oh, the horror. But seriously, you press little buttons and it will make you a carmel vanilla latte frothy espresso with whip cream in 20 seconds flat and you don't even get judging looks from the person behind you for being so high maintenance. That is pure bliss right there. I may or may not have had 4 cups the first day. And I also may or may not have had a kit kat for breakfast.
Guess what else happened this week? I, along with every other preteen that apparently can sleep through their first period math class, went to see the Breaking Dawn 2 premiere. Without giving away any spoilers I just want to say IT. WAS. AMAZING. Best movie I have seen in YEARS. I laughed, I cried, I almost had an anxiety attack in the theatre.. I couldn't have asked for a better movie. Way to go out with a bang Bella. You rock in my books.
This is what I wore to see the premiere. Comfy and casual, just like I like it.
Sweater- Target, last year
Chambray top- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies
Boots- Steve Madden, last year
This is how I have been spending my lunch breaks:
Holiday shopping online and sending Andrew little subtle hints.
Haha, subtle my right butt cheek!

I have also been gearing up for Black Friday! My office gives 'Performance Points' for being awesome at life and I've been extra awesome this year so I saved them all up to get gift cards right before black friday so I can hopefully get all my shopping done without swiping a card!
I'm totally dreaming- but hey, this will at least help!

With my packed schedule I've been maintaining lately (sarcasm, folks.) you are going to be blown away when I tell you this..
I have watched 2 entire seasons of The Walking Dead! I had to catch up with season 3 (which is on now) because I heard it was the best show on TV. Not one to miss a trend or be left out of a conversation, I had to jump on the bandwagon. You know what? It is a pretty freakin awesome show. I'm obsessed. Plus it has put a lot of things in perspective for me. Things such as what am I going to do if the zombies attack? Is my house built to with stand a hungry walker? Am I surrounding myself with people that will be helpful when said zombie enters my home? Am I prepared for this? Do I need to take a gun class? Work out? Stock pile some food? Do zombies eat animals? What will I do with my animals? Etc. etc. etc....
I have also been dreaming about them every night. One night I literally woke up 5 times with all my covers on the floor. Apparently I was getting a good work out running from those bastards at all hours of the night.

Andrew has probably wondered why I don't roll my eyes quite as much when he talks about buying a new gun for his collection every .5 seconds. I think I am beginning to see that growing collection in a whole new light.
So.. I've been drinking lots of coffee, preparing to shop with all the absolutely insane women in the world at 4am, and I've been watching lots of vampires and zombies on tv.. 
On that note, I'm out.
Judge away.


  1. Couldn't agree more with you about Twilight! It was by far the best movie. I laughed, cried, wanted to die, and more. Crazy.

  2. Hahhaah, this post cracks me up! Thanks for stopping by my blog--I can't wait to read more of your's!


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