Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Hard to be Broke & Charitable

Last weekend Andrew and I were invited by to a swanky little charity function. His sisters go to a charter school which means the school relies greatly on donations from parents and other kind individuals. His dad is on the school board and bought a whole table and was sweet enough to invite us poor folk to join him. We were so glad he did because it was so much fun! We hope to attend next year with bigger pockets because there was SO much auctioned off but we are both on tight budgets and had to watch from the side lines so to speak!
We did realize a couple things as innocent bystanders though-
1) Not everybody is hurting from the economy
2) People have some KIND hearts- it was amazing how much was donated!
3) Alcohol induced purchases are not frowned upon at open bar auctions
4) Wealthy country folk fighting over hog hunts and deer corn can be slightly entertaining for the sober to witness
Andrew and I before the auction. He had to shave his face a day before for a job interview so that's why he's looking like a 12 year old  dapper young man. :)
(He got the job! He starts this Wednesday so prayers are welcomed that he loves it and catches on quick!)

The auction was held at the agricultural center and the food was nothing short of southern gourmet. It was so delicious. The shrimp and grits were my favorite! Before hand they brought around southern eggrolls. Which- I don't even like eggrolls but these were like thankgiving dinner in a fried little package. SO delicious.

We only spent $20 while we were there and if it wasn't for a good cause I'd say we got robbed. There was a game called 'Champagne and Diamonds' which was basically like beer pong with champagne flutes- sounds impossible, right? It pretty much was. But the winner got a GORGEOUS diamond bracelet so I begged Andrew to try. We failed.. but hey that $20 might buy a few lunches or a couple dodge balls so it was well spent.

If we weren't so broke the below would have been on our radar- as I caught Andrew lusting over this gun more than hand full of times. He already has 98379 guns. Men- I don't get them.

We had a great time at the auction.. hopefully next year we can participate more! Although- we will probably end up coming home with a trunk full of deer corn, a pistol, and a hog hunt... oh to live in the south...


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