Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Thanks.. Kind Of.

If you want honesty- I was about to skip this whole post.
First of all, with all these lazy people Cyber Monday shopping (I only say that because I woke my tard ass up at 4:30am on Black Friday.. and i may or may not have participated today as well ) I feel like my computer is moving at a snails pace. Uploading a single picture took ions off my life.
Secondly, who wants to add yet another 'thankful' post to the 7,298 they have already read? Let's say I did write one- then I would be like 'oh, gosh, gotta mention uncle bart, if he reads this he will be pissed.. and I have to give that guy at McDonalds a shout out because he let me have the last ketchup.' I have mad guilt problems.
So I'm going to keep it simple and to the point.
Thankfulness + a mini Thanksgiving recap
you're welcome.

Waking up Thanksgiving morning to the most amazing friends + family texts wishing Andrew and I a happy Thanksgiving :) I love the personal ones so much better than the group texts you know were sent to you just because you happened to give them your number to ease some sort of awkwardness 4 years ago. Yeah- I'm talking to you awkward ginger from that one bar in Panama City circa Spring Break 08'. You were awkward then and Happy Thanksgiving texts are even more awkward now.
I spent the rest of Thanksgiving morning cooking pan after pan of my famous cornbread to share with 100+ people at all of me and Andrew's THREE Thanksgivings.
My mawmaw @ 12pm
My Nana's @ 2pm
His Granny's @ 6pm
And we were at his dads eating the night before.
I absolutely adore my family and Andrew loves his as well. We are beginning to feel like apart of each others family which prompts a big problem during the holidays- we can't leave a single person out. Hence- 4 different gatherings per holiday. And we some how make it to every.single.one.
If it wasn't so awesome- I would be complaining. But really, as exhausting as it is, we know we are completely blessed beyond words and we try not to take a single second of family time for granite.
While the corn bread was cooking Boots and I began scrolling through some of the Black Friday ads. As you can see, Boots really wants Santa to bring him a fishing pole this year.
My best friend comes to my Nana's every year for Thanksgiving & Christmas. She's been coming since we were in high school and it would be so strange if she didn't! She is considering part of the family. It's so great to see her while she's in town from Chapel Hill.
There were lots of naps taken. Very few by me and many by the guys.
How is it that the women do all the work on Thanksgiving and the men do all the snoozing?
After getting home from all of our Thanksgiving gatherings at midnight Thursday night, my mom, sister and I woke up bright and early to brave the crowds for Black Friday. We were up by 4:30am and at the mall by 5:30am. This was only one haul.. we had to go to the car to drop bags off.. but I'm happy to say that between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, my Christmas shopping is pretty much complete! My bank account of the other hand is so very not complete. It is actually a big fat mess and needs to be replinished ASAP.

Tis the season, right?
I am so thankful for my friends, family, pets, health, job.. etc.
God has truly blessed me.
I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday!


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