Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas at Biltmore

So, after having 4 Thanksgiving meals, shopping all day Friday and going out Friday night.. oooobviously I couldn't wait to wake up bright and early Saturday morning to drive 3 hours to Asheville, NC.
Just kidding- I actually was pretty stoked on it. Mainly because we were going to the Biltmore Estate. Andrew and I were there this past February, but sadly he had to work and couldn't make it this trip. But the whole fam was there so it was a big ol' bucket of fun. Even if we were only in Asheville long enough to tour the 876324934 square foot mansion (why yes, I am too lazy to look up the actual square footage) and then drive alll the way back home on little to no sleep.
Like any other proper road trip, we stopped by Crackel Barrel for some country cooking on the way. I swear, you just can't beat their hash brown casserole. Plus, while you wait you can talk yourself into purchasing candy from 1934 and all kinds of other stuff you totally need.
Here are my sisters kiddos- well one is hers and the other two are her fiances.
Obviously they needed these hats. Who am I to judge? If my big head could of fit in the sock monkey one I would have made it mine.
Outside the Biltmore waiting in line.
I may or may not have rang the door bell once, twice, a couple times. Something about being with your parents makes you feel fearless I tell ya.

Now, I must tell you guys that taking pictures inside the Biltmore Estate is quite possibly jail-time worthy. Absolutely not tolerated. Forbidden. A not messin' around- thrown out on your rear- type of an offense. Buuuuttttt... I did it anyways. A couple at least. Yes, I got yelled at a few times but you know what.. I have gone there a handful of times and NEVER got a single picture and by golly, it's Christmas and those trees were fab so suck it, Biltmore.

This place had an indoor pool and bowling alley.
Excuse me for quoting Charlie Sheen again, but- #winning!

And then we drove 3 hours back home. But not before we stopped at some BBQ place where I ate approximately 39874 hushpuppies.


  1. Is it horrible that I've never heard of the Biltmore? It looks beautiful though!


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