Thursday, November 8, 2012


I work in a large company. Our offices alone house nearly 1,200 employees. The past couple weeks we have been having a chia pet growing competition. I decided to be in charge of my groups. I do NOT have a green thumb.. but I love a good project and I thrive off a little competition so it was on like donkey kong. Andrew thought I was crazy for being so 'into' this competition. So naturally, I entertained his thought by sending him daily pictures of Wilburs growth (yep, named my chia Wilbur- judge away). Since this was such a monumental event in my life (seriously- first thing I grew, ever.) I decided I had to document it and share it with you.

Want to know the outcome of the contest? Well- half the chias in the company started to smell and/or got maggots- diiiiiisgusting. So they got tossed out. I became paranoid that ours was going to get them and he was on my desk so I made my boss throw him out as well! I couldn't bare to see Wilbur thrown in the trash (hello, he was like my pet!) so I had to leave the room. And yes, I was one of those creepy weird kids that had no friends and totally thought her stuffed animals came to life at night and had real feelings.
 Long story short, ours was totallyyyy the best but in the end, it never got judged!



  1. I love this idea! I work in the corporate office for a retailer and we just got these in as part of our seasonal gift selection. I may now be planning to pitch an idea at our meeting this afternoon... :)


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