Monday, November 26, 2012

A Southern Tradition

Every year, weeks before we even stuff our faces with turkey, us ladies attempt to throw ourselves into the Christmas spirit by attending the Southern Christmas Show. Usually this starts off pretty well. We walk in and 'ohhh' and 'awweee' at all the Christmas decor and talk about how 'we just can't wait to get home and decorate!'. But then midway through and 15 wine samples later, all we want to do is punch the group of little old ladies moving 1mph through the only door leading to the exit.
If you ould take a peek into all of the bags we are holding you would find nothing but wine-rita mix. Watermelon wine-rita, pomegranate wine-rita, margarita wine-rita, orange wine-rita... they get you by saying if you 'buy two you get one free' or 'buy five get one free'. Well lookie there, there's 3 of us so it only makes sense to buy these! This happened at every.single.booth. Pshhh, salesmen. They get me every time. Especially this one that started massaging my hands with some new all natural lotion. He could have got me to buy cow shit from him.

They have a Christmas tree decorating contest at the Southern Christmas Show which is one of my favorite parts (besides the little decorated doll houses above). Each tree has a theme and the above were a couple that I really liked. Andrew received a picture text of the one on the left with the caption: "This reminds me of you- don't get any ideas though." The joys of dating a redneck. The tree on the right was just really beautifully decorated with white owls.

There was also a section where people decorated full rooms for Christmas. It was hard to get any shots of them because all the people hovering in front but I made a point to get a shot of this one above. It is beach themed and completely gorgeous. Full of Carolina blue and burlap. Ahh-mazing.
Now, I think it's about time for a wine-rita.
[this post was prescheduled- I'm not actually drinking wine at 10am on a Monday. Unfortunately.]


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