Wednesday, November 7, 2012

24th Birthday Part III

If you noticed in my previous birthday posts there wasn't a girl in sight. We did go to one of my girlfriends to watch the final football game but that's the only girlfriend I really have around here. One of the main reasons I didn't feel like celebrating my birthday too much this year is because I miss a lot of my friends. One of my best friends lives almost 3 hours away and the other lives around 5 hours away. It's really hard never getting to see them and it's really hard making new girl friends in this town when I'm used to hanging out with all guys. Don't get me wrong- I am a guy's girl all the way but it's days like my birthday when I really start to miss my girls.
Wellllll, my friend that lives in Atlanta- nearly 5 hours away I believe- surprised me a couple days after my birthday and let me just tell y'all, it. made. my. week!

Alli and I lived together for 3 years in college and have been best friends for probably around 8 years! Her moving to Atlanta has been a real big adjustment since we have never lived apart (even in our home town we were a short drive away!) but we are trying our hardest to see each other when we can! She made my freakin week when she showed up at our favorite local restaurant right after she drove all the way from ATL!
Anddd.. as if her showing up wasn't surprise enough- she came baring gifts! She gifted me the most beautiful Lauren Conrad blouse with a stunning pair of rose gold Lauren Conrad earrings. I'm obsessed. She is seriously the best and the sugar on top of an already great birthday!
Terrible iphone pic but I had to include it. Just looking at these pictures makes me smile. It's times like these that you realize who matters most in your life. She didn't have to do that but she did- and I love her heart for it!
24th Birthday = Success!


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