Tuesday, November 6, 2012

24th Birthday Part II

My actual birthday was on a Sunday and it was definitely my kind of day.. full of family, friends, football, and food! The ultimate 4 F's! Drew and  I woke up Sunday morning and went and had lunch with his family. Afterwards we came back to my house where my cousin was still sleeping off the night before (see yesterdays post on part I of my birthday). We woke him up and watched the Panthers play.

Even though little Izzy girl didn't celebrate at the bars the night before- she was a sleepy little puppy and hid behind Drew the entire time! The Panthers didn't give me a win for my birthday- but we are pretty used to them losing so we just carried on with our day..
After the game we took a nap and then got ready for dinner at Nakatos! It's a Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you. I felt like such a lucky girl because my whole family came to celebrate my big day :) my sister, her new husband to-be (They got engaged the night before!), my two neices, and of course my mom and step dad! It was so perfect. I love and appreciate my family more and more the older I get and it wouldn't have been the same if someone was missing.

After dinner we went to our friends house and ended the day with a glass of vino and the final football game.

Perfect end to a perfect day.
Come back for Part 3 tomorrow!

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