Monday, November 5, 2012

24th Birthday Part I

This year I wanted my birthday to be low key.. which is so not like me. I normally start planning my birthday months in advance and get completely disappointed if it doesn't go as planned.. which it typically doesn't (read last years birthday here when I had a seizure). I'm glad I didn't plan anything though because every little thing that happened- no matter how big or how small- was a happy surprise and the best part was, there was zero stress involved!
I started my birthday off two days early because Andrew couldn't wait to give me my birthday present- a beautiful diamond bracelet! The perfect girly addition to my arm party and also so timeless.
 Andrew and I before dinner with a couple friends. The faux fur vest I am wearing was a birthday gift from my mama who took my shopping the whole afternoon before- best day ever. I love shopping for fall clothes!

My cousin and I downtown.. I'm pretty sure everyone was celebrating my birthday more than I was..

This is my friends band played at an outdoor venue where they were selling pumpkins and having a jambalya tasting contest. The band sang me happy birthday which turned my cheeks 50 shades of red! I am so not one to be the center of attention!

After their band was done playing we decided to walk down the street to Whiskey Warehouse. Even though I live 20 minutes from downtown Charlotte, I rarely go. It's a pretty awful drive on the highway and it's always so crowded. But I had heard great things about Whiskey Warehouse so I am glad we ended up going. They have a beautiful rooftop bar that looks over the Charlotte skyline and lucky us- we got to sit right by the window!

Silly boys.
They all made my birthday so imperfectly perfect.
Come back tomorrow for Part II!


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