Monday, October 22, 2012

Summer Nights

Y'all ever heard of Restuarant Week? It's pretty much the coolest thing ever that leads you to believe you are saving all this money but really you ended up empting your wallet regardless. It's still pretty awesome none the less. Is nonetheless one word? Hypenated? None-the-less? Back to restaurant week.. Andrew so kindly helped me pet sit for a couple pups the week before. Please note that by 'helping' I mean he laid on the couch and watched tv while I cleaned up disgusting dog puke and tried to make sure we gave them their 87623 meds at the exact time we were supposed to... but that's neither here nor there..) I wanted to say thank you to him for not leaving me alone at the house all week so I got us a pass to Charlotte Restaurant week. It's basically a 'deal' where you pay a certain amount a person and get a "feast".
I decided to take him to Brazz, which is a Brazilian meat house carvery type deal. They bring like 10 different meats by your table and carve it right in your plate. I'm not a big meat eater. I'll eat chicken nuggets and hot dogs but my pallet just ain't too sophisticated (kind of like my grammer, eh?). I can't help it- I just don't like it and I prefer to eat like a toddler. Well, I knew he would feel appreciated if I went way out of my comfort zone and ate pretty much nothing but meat all night. Guess what? I loved it. Would I want to do it all the time, no freaking way. But this meat was good. I guess you pay for what you get.
Anybody else wish a photographer followed them around so you don't end up with pictures like above (arm out, no background) or like below (I set my camera with self timer on a trash can).

[Taken from Brazz Carvery website]
Delicious food, cool summer weather, and a handsome boy-- doesn't get much better.
Charlotte Restaurant week 2012 @ Brazz Carvery & Brazilian Steakhouse


  1. ive heard of restaurant weeks but they never do it where i live and i dont want to drive into la to do a restaurant week. i think it is a really cool concept and a great way to try new restaurants


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