Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lake Norman Dinner Cruise with my Main Squeeze

Last Sunday Andrew surprised me with a dinner cruise on Lake Norman because he was a huge jerk the previous weekend and had to woo me so I would love him again. It was a beautiful chilly fall night and the food was delicious. Delicious as in I literally had an entire chicken to myself that I wish I could have devoured but let's face it- Halloween is in a week and this gal ain't trying to dress up as MooMoo the cow. We really enjoyed swooning over the multi-million dollar houses we will never be able to afford. Some people surely aren't feelin' the achin economy.  We really needed the quality time together. It's pretty nice to be wined and dined sans phones and television. I highly recommend doing this if you are given the opportunity.



  1. Aww that sounds like a fabulous date! My husband is horrible at making up when he screws up...I would definitely forgive if he gave me this haha!

  2. New follower to your blog :)
    Love the plum colored dress! So cute!


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