Friday, October 19, 2012

Girls Beach Weekend

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Over the summer we had a mother-daughter-cousin-friend weekend at the beach! You see, half of my family does hair-- well, probably over half. I'm kind of the odd ball out in the sense that I am not a hair dresser. Why not follow in the footsteps of the fam? Well, for one- I go to sleep with my hair wet and throw it in a pony the next morning proooobably 3-4 times a week. I hate doing even my own hair so why would I want my fingers all up in somebody elses nappy head? I mean I don't know their business.. who knows what they got growin.

Anyways- every year my family does an annual girls beach trip where they go to good ol' Dirty Myrtle (Myrtle Beach for those of you not familiar) for a hair show. Really, that's just an excuse to go to the beach and get a little craycray away from the men but hey- whatever. This year I decided to go! Give me a beach, some fruity drinks, and an outlet mail and I'm game no matter the plan! It kind of helped that the girls only went to one class the whole weekend but shhh I won't tell if you dont!

Next year we're thinkin about going to the hair show in Vegas! You best believe I'll be there, even if I have to play in the casino all day while they are at the hair show. I'll try not to pout too much.. pshhh what a joke.. can somebody say- most fun ever! It will be like an annual bachelorette trip to Sin City.. BEST. IDEA. EVER.


  1. Love that friends vs best friends list :D
    It looks/sounds like a wonderful time!!
    Happy weekend <3

  2. I love Myrtle Beach its so nice & fun! & yes fruity drinks are a must :) & I love the friend/best friend list! Sounds like a wonderful time :)


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