Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Family Time is the Best Time

Disney on Ice & Tweetsie Railroad
Last week my mama, sister, and two neices went to Disney on Ice. I didn't get many pictures because my camera was not cooperating with the lights but take my word when I say it was the bomb-diggity. I actually think I enjoyed it more than my neices. I'm ashamed to admit it but since it was opening night there were many falls which was HAA-larious! Picture this, the giant pink bear from Toy Story 3 completely face planting and rolling around unable to get up. Yeah, I'm mean, whatever.
This past weekend we took my neices to Tweetsie Railroad! It's in the NC mountains near Boone and it was so fun! We were going to go to the state fair but after all the e-coli breakouts we were like helllll to the no! Tweetsie it was! There was a petting zoo, we road the train which has an indian and cowboy act, then we got to ride up the mountain on a lift to ride some rides!

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