Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekend Recap

Ahh.. yes, it is Thursday and here I am just now uploading pictures for my weekend recap. 

This past weekend was one of my really close friends birthdays. We have known each other since middle school- which was way back when he was on the football team and I was a cheerleader. In middle school we took football reeeal serious- which meant lots of practices, games, and events with the players.. the squad, team, and all our parents became pretty tight- including my friend Ben and I. After middle school, my friend Alli and I tried our darndest to keep him out of trouble, which he then gave us the title "mom" and "aunt". The rest is history- I love the kid and we will be friends fo-evaaa.

So Saturday was the Carolina/Duke game.
Praise little baby Jesus.

This really happened. Feast your eyes on the awesomeness that is UNC.
Bens girlfriend also planned him a party that night. A surprise party. You see- Ben is a bouncer at a small bar we frequent- Finz. She called his boss and told him to 'put' Ben on the schedule Saturday so he would think he had to work. Seeing as though Ben is a HUGE Carolina fan and it was his birthday- he was less than thrilled. That is.. until he showed up and we were all there with bells and whistles (by bells and whistles I really mean beers and wings) to surprise the kid! Even his family was there to wish him a happy birthday. Well Ben walks outside (sidenote: we pretty much live at this bar) and when we yelled surprise he was like 
"ooh my gah -yadda, yadda, yadda- yall are awesome" 
"It just sucks I have to work tonight"

Reallllllyyy BEN? You think we would 'surprise' you by hanging out at your work while you WORKED?
"SURPRISE!! We are going to make you watch us party while you work!"
yeah right, crazy boy- 
"You don't have to work!!"

That was the big surprise to him. He was thrilled and we were all hysterical.


I know- We are disgusting. Get over it :)



I am so glad we were able to surprise Ben and that he had a wonderful birthday.
He deserves it!

Happy [belated] 23rd Birthday, Ben!


  1. What an awesome way to surprise a good friend :)
    Btw, I love your blog :)


  2. I tagged you in a fun little post if you would like to play.

  3. Aw how fun! Surprise parties are the BEST! And it looks like you all had a blast :)

  4. How fun. What a great surprise!


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