Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Sweet Kylie Can Kick Butt!

My little niece Kylie has been doing Karate for a while now. She is moving up belts at rocket speed. My mom and I went to watch her practice on Monday night and I was so impressed! They are learning things that I would love to learn. It made me want to take a self defense class or something. Seriously- I am concerned I will one day get beat up by an 8 year old unexpectedly. These kids have talent. They did this one trick where they took their partners arm a certain way and drop them to the ground. I wanted to get up and learn it as well! I think Karate is a wonderful thing for children (and women!) to learn. Everyone should know how to protect themselves properly. As for me, I am going to take my little bodyguard with me where ever I go from now on :)


She has been making A/B honor roll, doing excellent in karate, making new friends, and is the most polite and clever little girl I know. I am so very proud of her and just love her to pieces.


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