Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guess What I Bought?

Because of a recent purchase (and let's be real- past ones as well) I can't decide if sites like Groupon and Livingsocial are my best friends or my worst enemies. Normally I get on there and spend $10-$20 dollars every now and again on restaurants or small items.. aside from that one time I bought sky diving vouchers (which we've yet to use) but that's neither here nor there- I thought I had my spending pretty under control. That is, until Monday afternoon. There was a little dead spot in the work day so I decided to hop on over to Groupon to check out their daily deals. Well they just haaaad to post their spring break deals that day. I am out of school- no spring break for me- so I thought it would be totally safe to browse.

I have struggled with having dark and fairly thick hair since as long as I can remember. I think I started shaving in elementary school. Is that normal? I seriously don't know.. but it seems young. Even after I shave, a black shadow looking thing remains in some areas. It's awful. In high school/ beginning of college this embarassed the ever living crap out of me. I thought I was over the embarassment and had excepted this imperfection but BAM, out of no where- Groupon offered me a solution (hopefully). So I had to take it up on it's offer.

[P.S. Groupon just sent me an email with daily offers AS I TYPE THIS and I refuse to check it.]
I will not spend anymore money. I will not spend anymore money. I will not spend anymore...

Back to my story:
So I bought this baby-

It's a laser hair removal device for at home use. How awesome is that? I mean, only if it works of course. I read about 65729 reviews before I finally clicked the purchase button and most said they saw at least an 80% hair reduction. I am sold on that. I would probably be sold on a 50% reduction.

I mean it was HALF OFF yall.. stop judging me.

If it works, my summers just got a WHOLE heck of a lot easier and my getting ready routine just basically got chopping in half. Plus, I did the math- considering this little wonder was half off, it will pay for itself after one year. Think about it- no more Venus razors (those things are EXPENSIVE!), no more shaving cream, no more waxing, no more embarassment when you make an impromptu trip to the pool and realize you didn't shave your legs or *gasp* your bikini line or pits!

Apparently you do this thing every 2 weeks at first and then every 4 after that. If you follow directions you should see at least a 50% hair reduction in 3 months and an 80% hair reduction, if not 100%, in a year.
Sounds good to me!

When I recieve the Silk'n Epsil in the mail, I plan on doing biweekly posts to let yall know how it's working.

Oh, andddd the groupon deal came with one replacement cartridge (a $45 value).
yes i am still justifying my purchase

Has anyone tried one of these before?
PLEASE tell me it worked!


  1. I feel the same way about these sites. I end up using the Groupons but I def was wasting too much money and had to stop.

    Hopefully your new product works. It sounds awesome!!

  2. Ohhhh interseting!! how much are we talking? makes me want to buy one!

  3. still available!! now to decide if I should bite the bullet and get it!!


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