Monday, March 12, 2012

All in favor of a longer weekend say I

This weekend felt SO short.. as does every other weekend.. but hey, we lost an hour so it actually was SHORT! My weekend consisted of mexican food, chinese food, a hole in the wall bar *the best kind!*, celebratory pedicures with my best friend (Alli kicked butt on the GMAT!) and fun times with friends. 

[Disclaimer: Contrary to what these pictures may hint at, I am in fact not a complete drunk.]

I will have to post a picture of my freshly painted toes soon! They look like a smurf threw up on them and I am absolutely loving it!
Hurry up Spring!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I can't believe it's Monday again!
Here's to this week flyinggg by!


  1. Hahaha dont worry I dont think you are a complete drunk! Looks like you had a really good weekend! :]

  2. definitely in favor of a longer weekend!!!!
    xx jes

  3. chips,salsa,margaritas, and friends....nothing better!!


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