Thursday, February 9, 2012

We'll Get Em' Next Time Heels!

Let me just start off by sayin’.. if you are a dookie fan, this is not the place for you. You best be goin.
With that said, last night was the North Carolina Tar Heels vs. the Duke Blue Devils.

If you are from NC you have had this night circled, highlighted (in tar heel blue, of course) and underlined in your planner for months. You are either tar heel born and bred or a sad little dookie with an ugly face and too much money who loves running suicides and hailing Hitler in your spare time (Didn’t catch that? You’re not a Duke fan.. bless your heart, you may read on..).

Growing up, you could literally hear me and the family members my age singing,
“Duke is puke, wake is fake the team I hate is NC State, Cause you can’t go to heaven in a red canoe, Gods favorite color is Carolina Blue!”

Anywho- last night, I went over to Andrew’s to watch the game with his family and eat lots of pizza. Everyone was dressed in their tar heel blue from head to toe- face tattoos included. The game started out in a typical fashion- Duke shooting 3’s and the Tar Heels trying to wear them out. Duke was up by a few points until right before half time. UNC then took the lead and kept it until… and this hurts to say.. the very last second (literally).  

There are many, many upset fans in the Carolinas today. I actually texted Andrew this morning to assure myself he made it through the night without killing himself. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that we have one more chance to wax the floor with those dookies ugly faces. I mean heck, it can only improve them, right?

I'm Just Sayin...


  1. So funny. I absolutely love the Tide picture.

  2. sorry for your loss!! but i agree, the tide pic is is this post!

    happy ALMOST weekend lady!!

  3. man what a brutal rivalry! i liked the tide photo the best pretty darn funny!


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