Friday, February 10, 2012

TGIF & Casual Friday

So, TGIF everyone. By the looks of the posts on blogger this week, yall are about as happy it's the weekend as I am. Did somebody sneak some extra hours in this work week without telling us? Boy- it took FOREVER to get here! Thankfully- it's now 4:15pm where I am and I'm just waiting for it to hit 5pm so I can get up outta heaaa!

I think Andrew and I are going to see The Vow tonight and I could NOT be more thrilled. I texted him today thanking him for being such a sweet guy to me. His response? "I am pretty awesome, aren't I?" My clever text back? "Awesome enough to take me to see The Vow tonight?" Anddd.. he responded with, "yeah, I suppose I am that awesome."

Yiiipppeeee skiiippeeee. That made me a happy girl and perhaps is the reason I have almost made it to 5pm without playing in oncoming traffic- I told you, it's been a LONG week.

Speaking of Friday- Do yall have casual Fridays at your office? We do. In my head that means I wear my nicest jeans, maybe my go-to riding boots and possibly put my hair in a pony. Well, some ladies here (there are about 500+ people at my company) take it to a WHOLE nother level.. and not only on Fridays. I am talking, every day you see people in hot pink velour sweat suits, grey sweatpants, big Carolina Panther hoodies..etc. So, you can only imagine what the majority of the company looks like on Casual Friday.

It peeves me. I don't know why but I just want to send out a mass email telling everyone that if I can dress up every single day then they can too. I mean, heck, half of my dress pants are more comfortable than jeans and the same goes with my dresses.. I get they aren't sweatpants by any means, but pull yourself together. You expect people to take you seriously when you are dressed like you literally rolled out of bed. And for heavens sake, if you aren't going to wash your hair- at least invest in some dry shampoo!

That's my rant for the day since I am pretty much at the lowest part of the todum pole (spell?) at my company and am in no way able to send a mass email instructing these fully grown 'professional' adults to dress like they have some sense!

But- Happy Friday my friends! I hope you have a safe, fun, and blessed weekend! I can't wait to show you my recap and tell you how much I loved The Vow- I refuse to even acknowledge that there is a possibility I won't like it!



  1. Awh! What a sweetie of your guy to take you - I had to go with my girl friend. But I LOVED the Vow. Amazing. I was expecting the lovey-dovey happily ever after type movie, but it wasn't quite that. Yet I loved it anyway- it was realistic and felt like real life. I can't imagine not remembering your Also, I'm totally saying "I Vow ..." when I get married now- so romantic! :)

  2. HA, this post cracks me up. I feel the same way and don't understand how some people dress. I loved The Vow and was head over heels for your boy Channing :)

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