Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday.. I can’t express my love for you enough.
There are many days out of the year one allows themselves to indulge in greasy, fattening, just plain unhealthy (but exceptionally delicious) food. BUT what other ‘holiday’ allows us to dine purely on appetizers? Only one, my friends.. Super Bowl Sunday. I am quite the sucker for appetizers. I could live off of cheese sticks, spinach and artichoke dip, and bee sting wings with ease. However, I would weigh 300lbs if I allowed myself that yummy array of food for every meal.

My friend Alli made these- I cannot claim this talent!

Chips and dip, fried chicken, cake, cupcakes, pigs in the blanket, yummm!

Another thing- commercials. We see commercials every single day, normally not even registering them because they are so repetitive and downright annoying. Super Bowl Sunday is a completely different story. I look forward to seeing those commercials.. as I am sure all of you do. What other time can you honestly say you look forward to commercials? My favorites this year? I loved the vampires turning to ashes at the sight of the bright head lights on the new Audi. The little head that poked up towards the end and then the vampire looking at the lights himself? Priceless. 

Another one of my favorites was the Clint Eastwood commercial. That was totally unexpected and I couldn’t take my eyes (or ears!) away. Last but not least, I loved the Budweiser commercial set in the time of the prohibition. It has been getting a lot of crap but whatev’s- I thought it was fabulous. Of course, I am the kind of girl that loves the old days and wishes I could travel back in time- so maybe my opinions are skewed.

Ha- You almost thought I forgot about David Beckham in his undies? No words girls, no words..

Oh, did I mention football? That’s a pretty great thing about Super Bowl Sunday. While I love the sport, I am not particularly fond of the patriots or the giants. But, the Super Bowl is fun for me every year. Why, you ask? My parents make a trip to Las Vegas every year and when I know there’s money riding on a game, I am whichever teams biggest fan. My mom had some money riding on the giants (she actually is a fan) so I cheered them on throughout the game and what do ya know- THEY WON! J I had a happy mama, a happy boyfriend, and a full tummy- all was right in the world.

Also- can we please talk about that half time show? That was amazing. The theatrics were absolutely insane. It was probably one of the best half time shows I have ever seen. At first, I was a bit hesitant with that new MIA, Nikki Minaj and Madonna song. What was that.. L-U-V- MADONNA! Or something equally as stupid. But thankfully, CeeLo and the amazing theatrics and older songs saved the day and caused it to completely blow my mind. Well done.

Seriously, Madonna? You are 80 years old and not a cheerleader.
Sorry, but this is too much. Stick to singing, which you did not do here either. You are lucky you had help. #sorryimnotsorry

I can't wait until next Super Bowl Sunday! Panther's got it this next one! :) 


  1. HAHAHA I completely agree about Madonna... I was D Y I N G when they flipped her upside down!!!


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