Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Pandora

I always try and see what charms other girls have on their Pandora bracelets when they showcase their 'stacks' so I thought you might want to see mine [up close] and some of my favorites!

A little back story:
Andrew gifted me my pandora bracelet when we first started dating. His three sisters and his mom each have at least one and admittingly so, I felt left out. I wanted one! I never told him this, but low and behold- he got me one all on his own (I can probably thanks the above ladies for that.)! Ever since then he has given me charms for all sorts of occasions. When we did long distance for a year he had a tendency to surprise me with a new charm when he visited. So those were special because they were unexpected and I could look at it when he left and smile. Andrew has given me every charm on this bracelet except for 3. Those three are from his mom and his grandmother (so they are special in their own ways to me!). I love that Andrew takes the time to pick out charms he knows I will love. It shows how much he knows me and even more than that- how much he loves me.

He claims he got me a Pandora bracelet because it gaurantees him at least a few years of easy gift giving- how romantic, am I right? haha but it does take some thought- and so far, he has impressed me!

These each have a unique story behind them and I would love to tell you about each and every one of them but I hardly doubt you are all that interested so I will just tell you about a few.

This is my most recent charm. Andrew got me this one last week for Valentines Day. It is the 'forever' charm. Although he claims the lady "said it was Valentinesy and called it the forever charm" so he got it- I still love it and I love the meaning behind it and the fact he chose it.

Andrew got me this charm when I graduated from college. It is special to me because he went through that huge mild stone in my life with me and to have him there by myself when I received my diploma meant so much. I will always have this charm to remember not only that day, but my accomplishments leading up to that day.

These three were all together so I snapped them as so.
From top to bottom-
The elephant: honestly, I love this one because elephants are my favorite animals and Andrew knows me well enough to know that and found this cute little charm because he knew I would love it- and I do!
The claddagh charm: I went to Ireland last year and absolutely loved it. I got a calladgh ring while I was there that I never take off. Andrew found this unique claddagh charm and surprised me out of no where with it. This was probably the most special and thoughtful one I have and I will never forget the butterflies I had when opening it.
The blue vines: Andrew got me this charm when we didn't win the Reeds Diamond Dash. I wasn't too bummed, because we had SO much fun during the scavenger hunt, but it was nice to get a little something. He is the sweetest.

On Valentines Day I joked with him asking, "Let me guess, you got me another charm?" It sounded so snotty but I really didn't mean it that way. In a way, knowing you are getting a charm takes away the element of surprise, but his are always unique and meaningful so each and every one makes me feel special because I know he especially picked it out for me!

Do you have a pandora bracelet? What are your favorites?


  1. Cute post! I am a new follower and now inspired for a post on my bracelet :) thanks for sharing.



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