Monday, February 13, 2012

Mama's Surprise 50th!

Today just so happens to be my sweet mama's 50th birthday [HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!].
Well, for the past month my sister, step dad, and I have been planning her a surprise party. We surprised her with a spa day in Las Vegas last Monday so she had no idea we had anything else in store until this past Saturday night.

My step dad, Jim, took her out for a romantic dinner while my sister, Andrew, and I set up for the party.
Side note: I had to throw all the decorations out my window before hand because she wouldn't get out of the living room!
We invited around 25 of her closest friends and family to celebrate her big day. We had the party in a private room at a local bar called Beantown Tavern
When she walked in she was so surprised. I was scared she was going to kill me, claiming she hates surprise parties, but she ending up bursting into tears and enjoying every single second of her night! Words can't do the night justice, so I will just leave you with some of the pictures. I took nearly 200 pictures but I will spare you a little bit.

The Cake

The Flowers


The Table Before the Food was added

50th Poster made up of mama's pictures

Close Up

Some Friends & Family waiting on the birthday girl

Family :)

Cutting the cake

AARP Magazine Cover haha 

Brother & Sisters

Best Friends

Opening Gifts from her sweet friends & family

Best Friends

Dancing with her ballroom dancing partner, Jason


Dance Friends

High School Friends

I absolutely love this picture :) 
Mama, Jim, Andrew, & I

My Love :)

My mom is so very blessed to have such amazing friends & family that came out and made her night so special. I love her more than anything in this world and I hope she had the best birthday she could have ever dreamed of having. If you read this and you were there, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for filling all of our hearts with so much love and joy. There were tears, hugs, and so many laughs. Pictures can only show so much, but it was such a beautiful and amazing night.

Cheers to you Mama, you truly are fabulous at 50!



  1. awww i love that! your mom looks so happy and fabulous at 50. and that cake...superb!!! i don't eat cake but i'll stare at one like that for hours.

    happy birthday to your mama!

  2. great blog!!!very inspiring!!! happy valentine's day!!! following you


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  3. Awe! This is perfect! I love seeing surprise parties for people - how sweet of you all. :)

    Happy Birthday, Mom!

  4. ohmygoodness! you did such a fantastic job!!! I'm sure your mom loved it :) everything was so thought out and so wonderful! hope you had fun in the midst of all the craziness looks like you did! have a happy Valentine's day! xoxo {av}

  5. how sweet!! so you are in Vegas??

  6. looks like the party was SUCH a blast and a huge success :) the cake is divine. hope you all had an amazing time!

  7. How SWEET! You guys are amazing to plan this party for her! Looks like it was just perfect for her :)

    Do you live in or near Vegas? I only live a couple hours away (and am going down on Saturday!)

  8. that cake is awesome! love the AARP magazine. great idea!

  9. Awww how sweet. Belated Happy Birthday to your mom!


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