Friday, February 24, 2012


Dear God, Thank you for being so wonderful and listening to all our prayers. Andrew's granny is recovering quite well from having that stint placed in her heart. Thank you for watching over her and giving her such an amazing attitude towards life.

Dear Andrew, You are kinda the best thing that's ever happened to me and I kinda love you a lot.
As always.

Dear BFF's Alli & Grace, I need girl time ASAP or I am going to stop wearing deoderant and start hauking lugis (sp?) on the reg. I miss you girls.

Dear Jessica, (thaaaaat's ME! *remember the Amanda show?*) Bikini season is coming up. Put down the girl scout cookies and get your butt in shape, pronto.

Dear Blogger, I am not antisipating March 1st, as I do not know if I will still have a stream of all the blogs I follow. Please send an email in these regards and help a girl out. Also, sometimes I get scared that one day the big dogs at work will look at my most visited sites and block you from the server. Make yourself scarce.

Dear Obama, if you are making the gas prices high just to lower them right before the election to make yourself look like a hero- please stop. I will respect you a lot more if you could help out with my bank account year around. So, if this is your plan- cool ya jets. I am totally onto you. If this is not your plan- my bad. Please disregaurd this letter you will never read.

Dear 5pm Friday, please hurry up and get here before I go play in highway traffic.

Dear Blog Friends, I like yall a lot- you're really great since I don't have any real life friends. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!



  1. It's so hard keeping up with all of the blogs!! But, I'm excited to keep up with yours and learn more about you :)

  2. haha, I so understand the checking blogger at work. I was always scared my boss would somehow check my history :)

  3. Haha! I like the Dear Obama one. Gas prices are so high!!! You have such a great blog, I'm glad I found it.


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